Is Business Proposal webtoon finished?

Is Business Proposal webtoon finished?

Netflix and SBS’ hit K-drama Business Proposal wrapped up on April 5th after twelve successful episodes. Based on a webtoon, Shin Ha-ri and Tae Moo’s love story made quite a stir on social media since its first episode release.

Is Business Proposal finished?

Now, A Business Proposal has also come to end. The fun K-drama, starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Sejeong, Seol In-ah and Kim Min-kyu in the lead, was based on a webtoon of the same name. The K-drama was so popular that even BTS singer Jungkook was a fan of the show.

Will there be a season 2 of Business Proposal?

It is famous, and the storyline of season one is Indeed a great one. After getting great success in Season one, the series will release Business Proposal season 2. “Business proposal”, also known as “The office blind date”, has gained a massive response from all their fans.

Is Business Proposal K-drama completed?

Business Proposal aired on SBS TV for 12 episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) till April 5, 2022.

Why does Business Proposal have 12 episodes?

This is because ‘A Business Proposal’ was planned as a 12-episode drama, unlike previous K-dramas with more episodes. Therefore, the development of the story was very fast from the beginning and was able to grab the viewers’ attention. In the same way, Son Ye Jin’s drama ‘Thirty-nine’ is fast-paced as well.

Is Business Proposal popular in Korea?

“Business Proposal” is so far the most popular K-drama of 2022. However, the series is the perfect compilation of every cliché in every romantic K-drama ever!

How does Business Proposal webtoon end?

At the end of Netflix’s Business Proposal, Tae Moo proposes to Ha-ri on a lovely sunny day, which she accepts. Young Seo wants to establish herself and is on her way to opening her own company with a lot of help from her supportive boyfriend Sung Hoon.

Will there be season 2 of squid game?

After a series of red lights, Squid Game, the massively successful Korean drama that took over Netflix in the second half of 2021, has officially received the green light for a second season.

Do Ha Ri and Tae Moo end up together?

Despite all her efforts to do otherwise, Ha Ri ends up impressing Tae Moo, who decides to marry her right away!

Are business proposals romantic?

Business Proposal, starring Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Seojong is a delightfully absurd romantic comedy, that makes you forget most of the gaping loopholes.

Is A Business Proposal a happy ending?

Sung Hoon proposes to Yeong Seo to marry him, and the two get engaged happily.

Why do business proposals only have 12 episodes?