How to get Admission in Chennai Public school?

How to get Admission in Chennai Public school?

To be eligible for admission the student must qualify in the CPS Scholastic Assessment Tool (CPS-SAT) and satisfy the norms specified by the school. Admission is based on the performance in the Interaction/CPS Scholastic Assessment Tool (CPS-SAT). However, admission shall primarily depend on the availability of seats.

What is the fees of Chennai Public school?

Fee Structure – Day School

Annual Fees ₹ 130000
Application Fees ₹ 1000

Who is owner of Chennai Public school?

N. Devarajan
Chennai Public School is a Central Board of Secondary Education school located in Anna Nagar, Chennai, India.It also has another branch in Thirumazhisai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India….

Chennai Public School
Founded 2009
Founder N. Devarajan
Chairman N. Devarajan

At what age can kids go to hostel?

Getting your child a hostel school is recommended between the ages of 8-13 years.

Can family stay in hostel?

In fact, there are plenty! Some love kids and provide kid play areas or rooms designated just for families. Also, there are many perks to staying in a hostel with kids: They are usually significantly cheaper than a hotel.

Is it good to put kids in hostel?

Children should never be sent to hostels, unless his parents can not afford to keep the child with them or take care of his school and his childhood’s demands. Once a Child is in Hostel, he can no more understand the basic family needs, their thinking, societal background and feelings related to his family.

Should I send my child to hostel?

Why choose CPS Thirumazhisai for boarding school?

CPS, Thirumazhisai is well equipped boarding School cum day school. It is situated in tranquil surrounding on the out skirts of Chennai, with latest modern infrastructure keeping pace with rapid advances in Science and Technology. The impressive layout of the Hostel embraces a homely atmosphere and consists Boys wing and Girls wing seperately.

Does Chennai Public School provide transportation facility to students?

Yes, Chennai Public School provides hassle free air conditioned school transport service with tracking facility for day scholars within a radius of 20 km and a responsible adult to help the commuters in boarding the school bus at common boarding points. What kind of emergency medical facilities do you have on campus?

How to avail the lunch facility at Global Education Campus Thirumazhisai?

Students who opt for Day school option at the Global Education Campus, Thirumazhisai can avail the lunch facility by paying a subsidised fee annually. What are the modes of paying the school fee? School fee can be paid online through the payment link provided by the school or via Demand Draft. Whom to contact for admission enquiries?