How to convert DICOM to JPEG in c#?

How to convert DICOM to JPEG in c#?

Convert DICOM to JPEG in C# Create an object of DicomImage class and initialize it with the FileStream object. Select the active page in DICOM that you want to convert to JPEG (if it is not set, the default active page will be converted). Save the converted JPEG image using DicomImage.

How do I convert a DICOM file?

First, you need to add DICOM image file for convert: drag & drop your DICOM image file or click inside the white area to choose a file. Then choose a format to convert and click the “Convert” button. When the image conversion complete, you can download your result file.

How do I export from DICOM?

Right-click the data you want to export in the Data Properties and Settings panel and then choose Export > As DICOM in the pop-up menu. The Export as DICOM Images dialog appears. Select the images to be exported — All images, Marked images, or Specific images.

How do I read a DICOM image?

DICOM files are images that come digitally from medical scans, such as MRIs and ultrasounds. You can view these files with a free online viewer called Jack Image viewer on any computer. If you’d prefer an app, you can download MicroDicom (PC only) or open the files in Adobe Photoshop (PC and Mac).

Is RadiAnt DICOM viewer free?

DICOM Viewer – RadiAnt | Products | RadiAnt DICOM Viewer. RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is available as a free trial. This version includes all the features available in the paid version.

What is the DICOM file format?

The DICOM standard (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard created by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to ease the distribution and exchange of medical images, such as CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound. In this article, we will focus on file format conversions.

How do I convert a DICOM image to a JPG file?

In this article, the encoding feature provided by CxImage is used to convert a DICOM image to a JPG file (or other formats that CxImage supports). Actually, DCMTK already has a full-fledged utility called dcmj2pnm to convert a DICOM image to a BMP, PNG, TIF or JPG image.

How to get the depth of DICOM image in cv_8u?

AFAIK, DICOM can have a rather big depth (16 bit), and you are trying to fit in into CV_8U, which is only 8 bit. You can get DicomImage instance’s depth using DicomImage::getDepth (), and then create a cv::Mat with appropriate depth to hold your image data.

How does dcmtk work with a DICOM image?

In the sample application, a DICOM image is loaded and decoded with the classes provided by DCMTK, then it is converted to a temporary bitmap file for later manipulations: