How successful is pinhole gum surgery?

How successful is pinhole gum surgery?

While there is some risk involved in undergoing any procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique has an extremely high success rate of over 90%. This is an equivalent success rate compared to the traditional gum grafting method.

Who is a candidate for pinhole surgery?

Who is a candidate for Pinhole Surgery? Anyone experiencing receding gums may be a candidate for pinhole surgery; however, your periodontist will determine if the procedure is right for you.

Who is not a candidate for pinhole surgery?

Contraindications for Pinhole Surgery include poor homecare, less than 2-3mm attached gums, compromised immune system, smoker, teeth grinding or malocclusion, rampant active decay or periodontal disease.

How long does pinhole last?

Evidence on his website in the form of patient testimonials suggests his prediction is correct. Two testimonials involve patients who were treated over nine years ago. Doctor Chao expects the effects of the treatment to last a lifetime as long as the gums remain healthy and brushing is gentle.

Which is better gum graft or pinhole?

If you have multiple areas of gum recession, the pinhole technique offers still another advantage. While invasive traditional gum grafting typically only treats one or two teeth at a time, pinhole gum rejuvenation can treat multiple areas in a single office visit, thanks to its minimally-invasive approach.

Can electric toothbrushes cause gum recession?

While electric toothbrushes can be a useful tool to keep your smile both beautiful and healthy, knowing how to properly use it is essential. Those who do not use the brush properly can cause trauma to the delicate tissues of the gums, which can lead to the gums receding.

Does CoQ10 help receding gums?

Unfortunately, for those looking for a quick fix, the answer is “possibly.” CoQ10, especially when paired with Vitamin C, may strengthen your gums [source:Cuneo]. This can be particularly beneficial for receding gums.