How old is Bruce Grobbelaar?

How old is Bruce Grobbelaar?

64 years (October 6, 1957)Bruce Grobbelaar / Age

Is Bruce Grobbelaar still married?

Grobbelaar still kept twisting the knife as their marriage ended in 2008. “He filed for divorce in South Africa because he knows it’s a man’s world there and I’d get nothing,” says Debbie.

Who is Bruce Grobbelaar married to?

Debbie GrobbelaarBruce Grobbelaar / Spouse (m. 1983–2008)

How old is Mendy for Chelsea?

30 years (March 1, 1992)Edouard Mendy / Age

How much is Rudiger salary in Chelsea?

Current Contract Antonio Rudiger signed a 5 year / £26,000,000 contract with the Chelsea F.C., including an annual average salary of £5,200,000.

Where is edward Mendy from?

Montivilliers, FranceEdouard Mendy / Place of birth

Did Grobbelaar fixed matches?

Indeed, Grobbelaar played the next 15 league matches in a row. However, the Zimbabwean was charged with conspiracy related to match fixing in July 1995, along with Fashanu, Lim and Hans Segers (another goalkeeper, who played for Wimbledon) and the case went to trial 18 months later.

How much does Peter Ndlovu earn at Sundowns?

Mamelodi Sundowns team manager and former Zimbabwean footballer Peter Ndlovu has fathered 13 children with different women and is supporting them with the R130 000 monthly salary from the Brazilians.

What did Debbie say to George Grobbelaar when he sued the Sun?

When Grobbelaar decided to sue The Sun for libel, Debbie pleaded with him not to do it. “I had supported him and even had to return to work as an air stewardess to help with his legal costs,” she said. “I wanted it all to end there.

What is Bruce Grobbelaar doing now?

Bruce Grobbelaar. He is remembered for his gymnastic-like athletic ability, unflappable confidence and eccentric and flamboyant style of play. He has been the goalkeeper coach for Ottawa Fury FC of the North American Soccer League since 2014. In March 2018 he was announced as goalkeeper coach for the Matabeleland football team.

Where did Johan Grobbelaar grow up?

Born in South Africa, Grobbelaar grew up in neighbouring Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe), and served in the Rhodesian Army before he joined the Vancouver Whitecaps of the North American Soccer League in 1979. He gained Liverpool’s attention during a loan spell at Crewe Alexandra during the 1979–80 season,…

Who is Tahli Grobbelaar?

Tahli Grobbelaar, 25, is the daughter of Bruce Grobbelaar, Liverpool FC goalkeeper from 1981-1994. An entrepreneur, she lives in London. “I grew up at Anfield. Every game I’d be there in the stands with my mum Debbie, cheering on the Reds. The atmosphere was amazing – very vocal. I certainly learned some new words!