How much is a manual wheelchair worth?

How much is a manual wheelchair worth?

The average cost of a new wheelchair is between $500 and $1,500, but it really depends upon what kind of wheelchair you’re shopping for. You can find manual wheelchairs priced as low as $100, while the cost of a power wheelchair can be as high as $30,000.

What is a complex manual wheelchair?

Complex Rehab wheelchairs are individually configured to meet the specific needs of people with permanent disabilities and are vital to a SMALL but CRITICAL segment of Medicare wheelchair users who rely on these specialized wheelchairs for their health and independence.

Can you sell a wheelchair on eBay?

As an auction site, eBay allows you to create an individual auction for your manual, power, or transport wheelchair. You can create an auction for your wheelchair under the Mobility & Disability Equipment category (listed under Health & Beauty) for a small fee.

What is a manual wheelchair called?

Another type of wheelchair commonly used is a lever-drive wheelchair. This type of chair enables the user to move forward by pumping the lever back and forth.

What is a CRT wheelchair?

August 17, 2020. Complex rehab technology, usually called CRT, is a term that many people who use wheelchairs are familiar with, but it’s not known broadly and isn’t well understood. CRT refers to adaptive equipment for people with disabilities that is medically necessary and individually configured.

Can you add power to a manual wheelchair?

Many of the leading wheelchair manufacturers now offer power add-on kits for their manual models, designed to give you an extra boost of power whenever you need it. Light weight and easy to fit, power add-on kits can be fitted and removed as often as you like and are portable.

Can you put a motor on a manual wheelchair?

A Motor Attachment for Manual Wheelchair that’s Simple To Install. Attach, power on, pull levers and control the joystick. It’s as simple as that! If you want to handle manually, detach Todo by releasing the levers and then you can push the rims of your wheelchair as would normally do.

Where can I buy a manual wheelchair online?

You’ve come to the right place. is the country’s largest online retailer of manual wheelchairs. We offer all the top brands and models at the best prices you will find anywhere, guaranteed. You’ll find wheelchairs from top-rated brands like Drive, Invacare, Quickie, TiLite, and more.

What is the difference between transport and manual wheelchairs?

Compared to standard manual wheelchairs, transport chairs come with a narrower frame, allowing them to be easily maneuvered in areas with less space.

What is a standard wheelchair?

These chairs almost always feature two, large, rear-mounted wheels that the user can set in motion by hand, so if you need to be able to operate your chair without aid from a loved one or caregiver, a standard wheelchair is an ideal option.

What does a Viking 4×4 wheelchair look like?

First impressions mean a lot, and what you get from the Viking 4×4 Wheelchair is that it’s one tough customer. It looks like an adventure chair . It’s big and rugged and gives the appearance that there’s not much it can’t handle. A closer look at its specs bears that out. Four Wheel Drive! In More Detail…

How wide is a wheelchair with a 22 inch seat?

Wheelchairs that are considered “22 inch” come standard with a seat width of 22”. This is considered extra wide when it comes to manual Wheelchairs. The most common seat width for a wheelchair is 18 inches, while 16” inch chairs are the second most used.

How much does a 22 inch wheelchair weigh?


CW0006CELR Chrome 58 lb
CW0006CSR Chrome 57 lb
CW0006PELR Charcoal 58 lb
CW0006PSR Charcoal 57 lb

Why are manual wheelchairs so expensive?

One then must consider that manufacturers of CRT wheelchairs – power or manual – do not sell direct to the end-user; they sell to the equipment suppliers. This adds more costs as the equipment suppliers have their own expenses – and profits to make.

What is a 22 wheelchair?

22″ Steel Wheelchair Detachable Full Arms & Footrests The Steel Wheelchair 22 inch (5221S) comes equipped with detachable and reversible full arms and swing away footrests. It also features dual axle positions for quick seat height conversion and flame retardant black vinyl upholstery.

What is the narrowest wheelchair available?

Narrowest Wheelchairs: 18″ Seat Width At only 24″ wide at their widest points, the Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair and again, the Blue Streak Wheelchair, star as the narrowest 18″ wheelchairs available on the market.

How do I choose a manual wheelchair?

The degree of autonomy also influences the selection of a manual wheelchair: the self-propelled ones have larger back wheels and are intended for people with a high degree of independence, while non-self-propelled wheelchairs are narrower, have smaller back wheels to be pushed by another person.

How much does a cheap wheelchair cost?

Low Price – Lower costs wheelchairs range from $100 to $300 and are relatively inexpensive compared to their electric alternatives. These chairs, however, have less features and accessories for comfort and mobility.

How wide is a 24 inch wheelchair?

32.68 in

CW0007CELR Chrome 32.68 in
CW0007CSR Chrome 32.68 in
CW0007PELR Charcoal 32.68 in
CW0007PSR Charcoal 32.68 in

Can a wheelchair fit through a 24 inch door?

Recommended Door Width for wheelchair Access Most wheelchairs measure 24 to 27 inches wide from wheel to wheel. so as for a wheelchair to be operated and move freely through a door, the doorway should be a minimum of 32 inches in breadth .

How wide are manual wheelchairs?

The plan view of a person using a wheelchair shows the following: width of the wheelchair measured to the outside of the rear wheels is 26 inches (660 mm). Length of the wheelchair is 42 inches (1065 mm) measured from the back of the rear wheels to the front of the footrests.

Are wheelchairs with bigger wheels easier to push?

You’ll noticed that self-propelled have larger rear wheels than, for example, transit wheelchairs, which make it easier for you to get yourself moving. Those bigger wheels are also there to ensure a more comfortable ride, by making it easier to tackle different surfaces such as ramps and uneven surfaces.

How long do manual wheelchairs last?

A wheelchair generally has about four good years of life in it, depending on how often it’s ridden and what terrain it’s mostly used on.

How do I know what size wheelchair to get?

How to Determine Seat-to-Floor Height

  1. If resident is under 5′5″ tall, use a Hemi size wheelchair with a 17½” seat height.
  2. If resident is between 5′5″ and 6′2″, use an Adult size wheelchair with a 19½” to 20½” seat height.
  3. If resident is over 6′2″ tall, use a Tall size wheelchair with a 21½” seat height.

Does Medicare pay for a wheelchair?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers power-operated vehicles (scooters), walkers, and wheelchairs as durable medical equipment (DME). Medicare helps cover DME if: The doctor treating your condition submits a written order stating that you have a medical need for a wheelchair or scooter for use in your home.