How much is a euro in Italian lira?

How much is a euro in Italian lira?

1,936.27 ITL
Convert Euro to Italian Lira

1 EUR 1,936.27 ITL
5 EUR 9,681.35 ITL
10 EUR 19,362.7 ITL
25 EUR 48,406.8 ITL

When did Italy change from lira to euro?

1 January 2002
The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Italy on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of three years when the euro was the official currency but only existed as ‘book money’. The dual circulation period – when both the Italian lira and the euro had legal tender status – ended on 28 February 2002.

What can I do with old Italian lira?

B. C. replies: Most pre-euro currencies can still be exchanged for euros, but only at the central bank in the countries concerned. Lira notes ceased to be legal tender in February 2002. Any that were in circulation can be exchanged for the equivalent value in euros at the Banca D’Italia until February 29, 2012.

How many Lires is a dollar?

1,829.41 ITL
Convert US Dollar to Italian Lira

1 USD 1,829.41 ITL
5 USD 9,147.06 ITL
10 USD 18,294.1 ITL
25 USD 45,735.3 ITL

How much is 1000 Italian Lira worth?

0.545204 USD
Convert Italian Lira to US Dollar

500 ITL 0.272602 USD
1,000 ITL 0.545204 USD
5,000 ITL 2.72602 USD
10,000 ITL 5.45204 USD

Who is on the 1000 lire?

They are part of the Italian Lira banknotes series. The Banca d’Italia started issuing these 1000 Italian Lira banknotes in 1990. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2002. The note of lire mille portrays the image of Maria Montessori, Italian physician and pedagogue.

Is Italian money worth anything?

The Italian Lira was replaced by the Euro in 2002 and Italian Lira coins and banknotes no longer have any monetary value.

How much is a Italian lira worth?

The last known price of Italian Lira is 0.00000214 USD and is up 0.17 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 1 active market(s) with $0.00 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at

What is stronger US dollar or euro?

1. Euro: 1 EUR = 1.07 USD. As of May 2022, the euro (EUR) to U.S. dollar (USD) exchange rate was about 1 euro for $1.07. The U.S. dollar generally strengthened against the euro in 2020 and 2021.