How much does zoanthids cost?

How much does zoanthids cost?


Fire & Ice Zoanthid Frag Price $29.99 Eagle Eye Zoanthid Frag Price $29.99
Zoanthid Frag Pack (4) Price $49.99 Tubbs Blue Zoanthids Price $39.99
Blue Hornet Zoanthid Frag Price $39.99 Blue Steel Zoanthid Frag Price $39.99
Desert Sun Zoanthid Price $29.99 Green Bay Packers Zoanthid Frag Price $19.99

Are zoas easy to care for?

Zoanthid corals, affectionately called zoas by aquarium hobbyists in online forums (I guess because “zoanthid corals” is too long to type), are a trendy type of coral kept in reef tanks. Why? Because they are relatively easy to grow, maintain, frag, AND they are available in amazing, brilliant, fluorescent colors.

Where do rasta zoas go?

Rasta Zoanthids are easy to keep and are a great choice for the beginner. Zoanthids and Palythoa will grow and reproduce by budding. Placement: Mount the Rasta Zoanthids using IC gel glue, or putty, on an exposed rock lower in the aquarium where they will receive direct flow and light.

Can you mix ZOAS?

The short answer is yes they can. One can outgrow the other and drown it out. If you see large zoa colonies you can see different ones mixed in so they can survive with each other but it is hard to say which ones won’t drown the other out.

Do zoas need white light?

Any light can grow zoas.

Do zoanthids need blue light?

Yes, zoas kept under largely blue lights will have better coloration. I went to see my friend’s home aquarium business and he runs all blue LEDs on his zoas to make the colors pop.

What is the difference between Eagle Eye and Rasta zoanthids?

Rastas – Rasta zoanthids have yellowish-green tentacles, a bluish-purple outer rim with green, orange, and purple moving inward. These zoas tend to be smaller than other color morphs. Eagle Eye – These zoas have light green tentacles, with a thin purple margin and center surrounded by orange.

Are zoanthids worth anything?

Zoanthids are one of the most modified corals available in the trade, coming in almost all color morphs with varying shapes, sizes, and tentacle lengths. Zoa gardens and collections have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and hobbyists can now find frags costing $5 or upwards of $2000.

Where are zoanthid corals found?

At the same time, other zoanthid coral species have been found all the way at the bottom of the ocean on the seafloor at colder temperatures with minimal light. It is believed that zoanthid corals are epizoic and like to grow on other animals, like sponges.

What is the difference between Palythoa and zoanthids?

Zoas are sometimes confused with Palythoa spp., but zoanthids are usually smaller, more colorful, and also have shorter tentacles and a rounder mouth. However, some zoas and palys are impossible to tell apart and so many species are misidentified.