How much does Suntory whiskey cost?

How much does Suntory whiskey cost?

SUNTORY HIBIKI JAPANESE HARMONY WHISKY (750 ML) – $89.99 – $125 Free Shipping –

Is Suntory a real whiskey?

Production was temporarily halted during World War II but re-started in 1946 and became a popular brand in Japan. The company expanded into brewing beer in 1963, and re-named itself Suntory after the brand name of whiskey it had been producing.

How much is Suntory whiskey in Japan?

For example, a 700ml bottle of Suntory Whiskey Hibiki aged 30 years will go from a suggested price of ¥125,000 JPY ($1,100 USD) to ¥160,000 JPY ($1,410 USD). On the lower end, a 700ml bottle of Suntory Whiskey Chita will go from ¥3,800 JPY ($33 USD) to ¥4,000 JPY ($35 USD), a 5% increase.

Is Suntory a Japanese whiskey?

Inspired by that interplay, Suntory Whisky Toki® brings together old and new -the House of Suntory’s proud heritage and its innovative spirit- to create blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking and timeless.

Is Suntory whiskey cheap?

Suntory Toki This is also the most affordable Japanese whisky on this list, and it does some things that these more expensive whiskies cannot. Namely, Suntory Toki is ideal for making cocktails.

What does Suntory whiskey taste like?

when tasting, it comes across similar to a scotch with an overarching peat taste. Another description was that it tastes like a grain alcohol with a musty wood flavor. For us, the alcohol taste is much too strong to drink neat.

What kind of alcohol is Suntory?

About Suntory Group Suntory is home to award-winning Japanese whiskies Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu as well as iconic American spirits Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark. We also fascinate the taste buds in Japan and the Asian market with our Premium Malt’s beer.

What does Suntory taste like?

Palate: More green apple on the palate leads along bright citrus notes from pink grapefruit. Bitter herbs, toasted almonds and vanilla oak linger underneath. Finish: White pepper and ginger add spice to the finish.

Is Suntory Whisky sweet?

Suntory Toki Whiskey is a sweet whiskey, but not in the same way that an American bourbon hits you in the face with brown sugar aromas.

Is Suntory whiskey smoky?

Kaikomagatake, Suntory Single Malt Whisky Hakushu® is the fresh and gently smoky single malt whisky with herbal notes that is the revelation of Japanese single malts. Four seasons in high altitude is praised by the most curious whisky connoisseurs and lovers of gastronomy.

Is Suntory an alcoholic drink?

Suntory is one of the popular Japanese alcoholic beverage brands that offer a chuhai, a shortened name for shochu highball, resulting in a fruity, sweeter alcohol mix.

Why is Suntory so expensive?

1. High Demand Than Supply. According to the laws of demand and supply, the lower the supply, the higher the demand. Japanese whiskey has become increasingly famous in the West, and despite several Japanese distilleries producing whiskey, it is hard for the supply to keep up with the demand.

What kind of drink is Suntory?

Why is Japanese Whisky expensive?

Japanese whisky has experienced issues with shortages of aged stock for quite some time, as the category rose to global fame suddenly and rapidly. With this newfound interest, the bigger brands could not keep up with demand as they had not put enough whisky into casks to mature in the decades prior.

What is special about Japanese whiskey?

Japanese whisky is modeled after the scotch tradition—double distilling malted and/or peated barley—before it’s aged in wood barrels. As opposed to the sweeter American bourbons and ryes, they tend to be drier, smokier, and peatier, and come as single malts or blends.

Does Suntory taste like Scotch?

Tasting notes. Suntory Toki Whiskey is a lot like Scotch whiskies which are at the lighter, grassier end of cask influence but is a lot more classy and better blended. All this can be felt in its sophisticated flavors and notes.