How much does it cost to rent the Versace house?

How much does it cost to rent the Versace house?

Rates start at $749 per night.

How much is a suite at the Versace mansion?

I stayed in the Versace Mansion’s $800/night suite that has access to a rooftop deck and a pool with 24-karat gold tiles. Take a look inside.

Can you sleep at Versace mansion?

Prices to stay overnight vary. A Superior Suite starts at $749 a night; an Exceptional Suite starts at $999 a night; and a One Bedroom Suite starts at $1,199 a night. Versace’s master bedroom, now called the Villa Suite and one of four One Bedroom Suites here, goes for $1,799 a night.

Does anyone live in the Versace mansion?

The house was sold in 2000 and turned into a members-only club. That was short-lived: one of its owners filed for bankruptcy in 2013, and it was bought at auction in a $41.5 million cash deal. Today the Versace Mansion lives on as a boutique hotel called The Villa Casa Casuarina.

How much would it cost to get married at the Versace mansion?

Average Base Cost: $68,000.

Did Donatella sell the Versace mansion?

Donatella Versace sold the property three years after the murder and it changed hands several more times, eventually becoming a hotel owned by the Nakash family, founders of the Jordache clothing/jeans brand. They paid $41.5 million for it at an auction in 2013, beating a bid made by former President Donald Trump.

Is the Versace mansion open to the public?

The good news: You can absolutely go there, no problem. The bad news: it’s not going to be an inexpensive visit. The former home of the Italian fashion designer is now The Villa Casa Casuarina, a boutique hotel. Located at 1116 Ocean Drive on South Beach, the mansion was built in 1930 by architect Alden Freeman.

What is Donatella Versace 2022 worth?

What is Donatella Versace’s Net Worth and Salary? Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer who has a net worth of $400 million. Donatella is the younger sister of famed designer Gianni Versace and inherited control of his company, Versace, after he was tragically murdered in 1997.

Can you go inside Versace Mansion?

How much is a party at the Versace mansion?

Pricing starts at $79 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity and any alcoholic beverages.

Can you swim in the pool at the Versace mansion?

To be able to see it all, you need to be staying at the Versace Mansion. Being a guest at the hotel allows you to see the hotel, take tours and yes, you are able to swim in the famous pool.