How much does a tint plotter cost?

How much does a tint plotter cost?

between $1,999 and $2,999
Whether you’re working with window film, vinyl, or PPF, you can exert the right amount of cutting force for precise cuts. This plotter comes in 55-inch and 64-inch variants, with a price tag that ranges between $1,999 and $2,999.

How big of a plotter do you need for window tint?

A Good, Wide, Plotter– A 42” cutter is preferred because the rear windows of most vehicles are at least 40” across. A smaller cutter can be used to cut film for the rear window in sections, but most customers want the rear window to be tinted from a single piece so that no seams are visible.

Can a vinyl plotter cut window tint?

You can cut anything from a standard template in one color of window film to custom lettering and logos in single or multiple colors. This low-cost, easy-to-learn installation method can also be combined with vinyl graphics and other vehicle personalization applications for a beautiful, custom look.

Is computer cut tint better?

Computer-cut patterns are more efficient. They reduce film waste due to mis-cuts, and they also save time by getting your vehicle tinted and delivered back to you more quickly.

What is computer cut tint?

What is Computer-Cut Window Tinting? As opposed to hand-cutting window film, computer-cut tinting requires the use of special software and a plotter. The installer will set up the plotter to cut the material for the exact make and model of the vehicle.

Where is Graphtec from?

Yokohama, Japan
Graphtec America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Graphtec Corporation based in Yokohama, Japan. Graphtec produces vinyl cutters, color label printers, scanners, intelligent recording instruments, and data acquisition systems.

Can you cut window film to size?

You can now trim the window film to the exact size. It may help to have someone hold the window film up to the glass while you cut. You can also spray the film and the glass with your solution to temporarily stick it on the window. Once your film is trimmed, remove the release liner.

Why do you heat shrink window tint?

So, just what is it? In essence, when you heat shrink you use a heat gun to shrink the excess film along the grain (toward the factory edge) and smooth it out with a hard card or microfiber cloth.