How much does a duplex cost in Bangalore?

How much does a duplex cost in Bangalore?

The cost required for Building a duplex house in Bangalore varies from Rs 35 lacs to Rs 90 lacs+ just for the construction and for the site cost might be keeping a budget of Rs 45lacs to Rs 90lacs+ depending on the site dimensions/locality.

How can I find a house in Bangalore?

Luckily, here are a few top apps and platforms to help you find the house of your dreams.

  1. NestAway.
  3. Commonfloor.
  4. Makaan.
  5. 99acres.
  6. Magicbricks.
  7. Quikr Homes.

How can I sell my property in Bangalore?

The traditional methods are newspaper advertisements and brokers. You can also go the online route and list your property with Nestaway. Listing your property on this reputed platform will increase your chances of finalising the sale of your apartment in Bangalore.

How much does it cost to build a 30×50 house in Bangalore?

House Construction Cost For Plot Size of 30×50 or 30’x50′ or 1500 square feet

No of Floor Roof Area Cost per sft
Ground floor, First Floor, Second Floor and Third or G+3 Floor 4800 1550
Ground floor, First Floor, Second Floor,Third Floor and Fourth Floor or G+4 Floor 6000 1500

Is it a good idea to buy house in Bangalore?

Bangalore property market is still stable compared to markets like Mumbai or Delhi, where the prices have shot up astronomically over the years. Hence, it is advisable to invest the rental amount as EMI to buy a house in Bangalore. However, you need to choose the areas suitable for buying or investing in a house.

Where should I buy property in Bangalore?

Sarjapur road and Chandapura are the two most happening areas in the southern part of the city. At the West of Bangalore, areas like Tumkur road, Rajajinagar Industrial area, and Yeshwantpur are in high demand as they are inhabited by the industrial population and the places are rich in connectivity and infrastructure.

How much does it cost to build a 1200 sq ft house in Bangalore?

The Scenario House Construction Cost in Bangalore As of Now Dec 2021

Sl No Plot Dimension Cost of Constructions – At Rs 1800 Per Sqft (Post Covid Impact)
1 30 by 40 Feet (1200 Sqft) 17.7 Lakhs
2 30 by 40 Feet (1200 Sqft) 35.5 Lakhs
3 30 by 40 Feet (1200 Sqft) 53.3 Lakhs
4 30 by 40 Feet (1200 Sqft) 71.1 Lakhs

How much does it cost to build a 2 storey house in Bangalore?

The average cost of constructing a house in Bangalore is Rs 30-50 lakh. It includes the architect fee, labour cost, authority approvals, and miscellaneous expenses.

Where should I buy flat in Bangalore?

Best 5 Localities for Buying a 1/2/3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore

  • Kanakapura Road. Kanakapura road, approximately 50 kms from the central city, on the south of Bangalore, is one of the most sought after areas.
  • Hebbal.
  • Sarjapur Road.
  • Electronic City.
  • Whitefield.