How much do 111 operators earn UK?

How much do 111 operators earn UK?

The typical NHS 111 Call Handler salary is £10 per hour. 111 Call Handler salaries at NHS can range from £8 – £14 per hour.

What is the role of a 111 call handler?

Working life. NHS 111 staff take details of the caller’s problem and use a clinical decision support system to help assess people over the phone, make appropriate referrals and give health advice to enable patients to manage their symptoms.

What is a NHS call handler?

Working life Working quickly and calmly, call handlers take essential details about the patient’s condition and location, logging the information onto a computer system. In extreme cases, they may have to talk a member of the public through an emergency procedure, such as clearing an obstruction from someone’s airway.

How much does a London ambulance call handler earn?

How much does a Emergency Call Handler at London Ambulance Service make? The typical London Ambulance Service Emergency Call Handler salary is £24,631 per year. Emergency Call Handler salaries at London Ambulance Service can range from £20,210 – £27,498 per year.

How much do NHS 111 call handlers earn?

111 Call Handler Salaries

Job Title Salary
NHS 24 111 Call Handler salaries – 13 salaries reported £20,000/yr
NHS 111 Call Handler salaries – 12 salaries reported £20,445/yr
NHS 24 111 Call Handler salaries – 12 salaries reported £22,377/yr
Vocare 111 Call Handler salaries – 9 salaries reported £9/hr

How do I get on the NHS 111 pathways trained?

In order to be licensed to use the NHS Pathways system Health Advisors are required to successfully complete a five week training course to provide them with the necessary skills and clinical knowledge.

How much does a 111 operator earn?

Department: NHS 111 Based At: St Charles Hospital,W10 6DZ Reports To: 111 Senior Operations Coordinator Salary: 24,000 per annum Training Salary: 19,000 per annum. Salary increased to 24,000 after Training and HR sign off.

Do you get paid for NHS 111 training?

NHS 111 health advisors Upon joining us as an NHS 111 health advisor, you’ll first receive intensive paid training that will qualify you to use the NHS Pathways tool. This tool enables you to assess the immediate medical need and direct the caller to the most appropriate service.

How much do 111 call handlers make?

111 Health Advisor Salary increased to 24,000 after Training and HR sign off.

Can 111 clinicians work from home to take calls?

This fantastic service are needing support from pathways trained 111 Clinicians who can work from home to support them in taking calls for the South East of the…

What does an NHS 111 call handler do?

NHS 111 Call Handler (Part-time or Full-time). As a 111 Health Advisor, you will take a variety of incoming calls from patients, providing them with an… NHS Pathways Trained Health Advisors/111 Call Handlers – Rem…

How long does it take to become a 111 call handler?

We can give you all the skills and knowledge that you need to be a fully competent and confident NHS 111 Call Handler. We will provide you with a comprehensive four-week NHS Pathways training course, delivered by our team of supportive and knowledgeable trainers. Do you want to finish your day knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s life?

What happens after 6 months as an NHS 111 service advisor?

After 6 months as a successful NHS 111 Service Advisor you will have the opportunity to work your way up and obtain a full pathways license in order to become a… Shift Patterns: 24/7 – including evening, night and weekend shifts*. That might be helping to set up an appointment with their GP; or recommending that they…