How much did Holden pay for Little Shirley Beans?

How much did Holden pay for Little Shirley Beans?

five dollars
Holden makes it to a record store and pays five dollars for an apparently rare copy of “Little Shirley Beans.” He then makes it into a phone booth to call Jane, but hangs up when her mother answers the phone.

What does Holden buy for his sister?

Holden buys Phoebe a record by a Estelle Fletcher called ” Little Shirley Beans”.

What happens on Holden date with Sally?

Holden tries to talk with Sally about things of real importance to Holden. He asks her to run off to Massachusetts and Vermont with him. The date ends badly, and he walks out.

What page number is Chapter 16 in Catcher in the Rye?

‘” Chapter 16, pg. 115 This is the first direct mention of the catcher in the rye. Something about the scene and the song lift Holden’s spirits for a bit. Holden gets tickets for a play, though he can’t resist a little rail on actors, who are among the biggest phonies around.

How do the crowds of people on Broadway make Holden feel Chapter 16?

This makes Holden feel a wee bit less depressed, for some reason. He makes it to a crowded Broadway street by about noon, irritated by the fact that everyone so obviously wants to go the shows. Apparently, it’s one thing to go to a show if there’s nothing else to do, but actually wanting to go is nuts.

What does the Shirley Beans record symbolize?

The Record (Little Shirley Beans) This symbolizes Holden’s need to preserve his innocence while quickly being forced to mature. This careless action demonstrates that although Holden tries desperately to keep his innocence, it will eventually be shattered.

What is Sally’s marvelous idea?

3. What “marvelous” idea did Sally have after the movie was over and she and Holden got into the taxi cab? Where did they go? Sally wanted to go ice skating at Radio City, so she could rent a dress to show off her butt.

How does Catcher in the Rye end?

Chapter 25 concludes with Holden feeling happy as he watches Phoebe ride on the Central Park carousel. He confesses, “I was damn near bawling, I felt so damn happy.” But Holden also admits he doesn’t know why he feels so happy, or why he’s on the brink of tears.

What was the setting for Chapter 16 in The Catcher in the Rye?

At the park, Holden runs into a schoolmate of Phoebe’s who suggests that Holden’s sister might be at the museum, “the one with the Indians.” That proves to be unlikely, since it is Sunday and Phoebe’s class would not be meeting, but mention of the Museum of Natural History triggers memories for Holden.

Why do the ice skates make Holden sad symbolically what might the skates represent?

Why does packing his ice skates make Holden feel sad? Holden reflects that his mother bought him this thoughtful gift, and he is disappointing her again by being expelled. Every time someone gives him a gift, it ends up making him sad.

What does Phoebe pretend her middle name is?

In her arithmetic book, Phoebe has written her name as “Phoebe Weatherfield Caulfield.” Her actual middle name is Josephine, but Holden tells us that she hates it and is always trying others on for size.

What does Holden find so intriguing about Phoebe’s note book?

What does Holden find so intriguing about Phoebe’s note- book? He finds her notes (whether these are notes passed back and forth with a friend or notes on class topics) to be very interesting and innocent. He also thinks it’s funny that she’s always changing her middle name.

What does the gold ring symbolize in Catcher in the Rye?

So the gold ring represents a hope, a dream, and the chances that we must take to grab it. It is a major step for Holden to accept that kids will grab for the gold ring and adults must let them. It is part of life and part of growing up.

What happens in Chapter 16 of the catcher in the Rye?

The Catcher in the Rye Chapter 16 Summary & Analysis. Holden then heads over to the Mall, a part of the park where Phoebe often roller-skates on Sundays. He meets a girl who thinks Phoebe’s at the Museum of Natural History with her class. Though it soon becomes clear that the class trip was Saturday, Holden walks to the museum anyway.

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What is Holden’s dream about being a catcher in the Rye?

” Holden builds on this mistake; in later chapters, he describes a dream he has for his life’s purpose that is shaped around the idea of being a “catcher in the rye.” The boy delights Holden and reflects Holden’s idyllic view of childhood.

When did JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye get challenged?

October 6, 1997. Archived from the original on June 6, 2008. Retrieved December 20, 2007. Another perennial target, J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye,” was challenged in Maine because of the “f” word. ^ a b c Mydans, Seth (September 3, 1989). “In a Small Town, a Battle Over a Book”. The New York Times. p. 2. Retrieved December 20, 2007.