How much are West Point rings worth?

How much are West Point rings worth?

In November 2000, the Herff Jones Company melted the gold of 31 rings cementing Turner’s idea and creating the Class Ring Memorial Program, Cathy Kilner, the director of the West Point Associate of Graduates, said. The price range this year, for the rings, went from a high of $7,636.85 down to a low of $698.13.

How much does a West Point class ring cost?

The rings came in various colors and designs from simple to elaborate and varied in price from a low of $300 to a high of $11,000. While some cadets chose to go with glitz and glamour with their ring, for others the design of their ring was all about the sentimental value of the choice they made.

What is ring poop West Point?

It is awarded to senior cadets shortly after the start of their senior year, after which there is a formal dinner and dance (called a “hop” in cadet slang) following the ceremony for the cadets and their guests. After the ring ceremony, Firsties are mobbed by plebes reciting the “Ring Poop”: Oh my Gosh, sir/ma’am!

What does a West Point class ring look like?

Each ring must have an eagle, an American flag, an officer’s saber, a cadet saber, the class motto and year and USMA as part of its design. Since the Class of 1917, rings have carries the class crest on one side and the Academy crest on the other side.

What is a Citadel ring?

The Citadel ring signifies a host of accomplishments as well as the strong tie between the State and the College, and the ideals which the college was founded. Almost every feature of the ring is symbolic of a goal or an attainment of past members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

What finger do you wear a military ring on?

The proud tradition of wearing military rings dates back to 1835, started by the cadets of the United States Military Academy. Originally it was worn on the left hand but more recently it has become common to wear it on the right. This is probably because the left ring finger is also reserved for a wedding band.

Can you wear a class ring on your left hand?

How do you wear a class ring? Class rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of your right hand. For men, the left hand is usually reserved for the marker of a different celebration you may have in your future, the wedding band, of course.

Why are West Point graduates called ring knockers?

Among U.S. military officers, they’re known as “ring knockers” because they proudly wear the big, gold class rings they earned when they graduated from one of America’s military academies. For generations the ring signified that the wearer was a cut above.

What is the oldest class ring?

The oldest known Citadel Class Ring dates to 1895, and features a dark stone with the year ’95 inscribed in the center. Early rings changed design from year to year until the design was standardized in 1940.

Who makes the Citadel ring?

Headquarters are in Austin, Texas and Balfour meticulously produces each order one by one. Every Ring must go through a rigorous inspection process before it can be shipped to the owner of the Ring.

How do you wear a Citadel ring?

Since cadets are eligible to wear rings upon becoming academic first class cadets, they wear them with the class numerals facing towards the wearer. After graduation exercises, however, the rings are turned around to show they are a Citadel Graduate!

Do pimps wear pinky rings?

Once you were officially inducted into the mafia, you got a special pinky ring. Some Mafiosi wore them above their wedding bands, which they also wore on their left pinkies. Later versions of these rings are described as pimp rings, and these sometimes double as aesthetic brass knuckles.

What is the history of the West Point class ring?

In 1835, West Point became the first school in the United States to issue graduating class rings. The ring, itself, became one of the most identifying marks of a West Point graduate.

What is the West Point memorial ring made of?

All rings bear the West Point crest and are made of yellow gold and black onyx, representing the black and yellow school colors. The gold used to make the rings isn’t just any typical gold, however. In 2002, with a strong desire to honor the deceased graduates of West Point, the “Memorial Ring Program” was established.

What is Ring Weekend at West Point?

In all, Ring Weekend is a weekend that West Point Cadets look forward to for three years and will never forget. Congratulations to the West Point Class of 2016 on receiving your rings this weekend and a special “thank you” to 1LT Matthew Berman, USMA 2013.

What is the class ring case?

In 1996, the Class of ’86 donated a special case to the Corps of Cadets in order to recognize the significance of the Class Ring throughout the Academy’s history. Housed on the second floor of the Jefferson Library, this exhibit showcases the evolution of the Class Ring through its many variations of a common theme.