How many records did Blur sell?

How many records did Blur sell?

BLUR sold over 6,953,489 albums, including 500,000 in the United States and 4,400,000 in the United Kingdom. The best-selling album by BLUR is BLUR, which sold over 1,850,000 copies ….BLUR total sales by country.

Country United States
Sales 500,000
Albums counted 1
United States Sales: 500,000 Albums counted: 1

How many records did the Oasis sell?

As of 2022, the band have sold an estimated 70 million records worldwide and been cited by Guinness World Records as the most successful act in the United Kingdom between the years 1995 and 2005. Oasis had 22 consecutive UK top 10 hits between 1994 and 2008.

What is the difference between Blur and Oasis?

The thing about the rivalry was that it was about more than a title or even music — it was a battle between the British class systems. Blur was from the South, which, by stereotypes, meant that the bandmates were better educated and more financially stable than Oasis, who were from the North.

How many number ones did Oasis have?

OASIS (8 No 1s)
28 May 2005 Oasis Back at the top for the first time in three years. From their album “Don’t Believe The Truth”.
3 Sep 2005 Oasis A quick return to the top for the veteran Brit Pop band, with Noel taking lead vocals for a change. In November 2009, the band announced they were splitting up.

How many records has Liam Gallagher sold?

LIAM GALLAGHER sold over 401,297 albums, including 400,000 in the United Kingdom.

What records do Oasis hold?

They hold two Guinness World Records They also hold the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Successful UK Act between 1995 and 2005′, after spending 765 weeks in the top 75 singles and albums charts during that period.

Who is bigger Oasis or Coldplay?

“I’d like to think so. But we weren’t the biggest band in the world; U2 and Coldplay – they’re bigger than Oasis. “It’s not about how big you are; it’s about the impact you have.

Who is more popular Noel or Liam?

Noel Gallagher admits brother Liam is the more successful solo artist.

Is Oasis still popular?

British rock band Oasis was formed in 1991. While they broke up in 2009, the band remains extremely popular even today. Their great lyrics continue to inspire listeners all over the world, while the unique style of the band remains recognizable everywhere.

What is the difference between Oasis and Blur?

In picking the first singles from their forthcoming albums, Blur went with ‘Country House’ and a Benny Hill-indebted video directed by Damien Hirst, while Oasis chose the solid meat-and-potatoes rock of ‘Roll With It’. Neither band’s finest hour.

Did blur move their release date to go head to head with Oasis?

From the Blur/Food Records/EMI side, it appeared that Oasis had suddenly put a new single on the schedule, weeks before they were due to start plugging their second album (What’s The Story? wouldn’t appear until October). Alan McGee recalled that Blur moved their release to go head to head.

Did blur or Oasis win the Legacy War?

The age-old debate between Blur vs. Oasis has been rumbling on for over 25 years but, now as the dust has settled, we can definitively say that the Mancunians have won the legacy war despite losing that famous chart battle—a time when Oasis edged out their so-called rivals to number one when ‘Country House’ pipped ‘Roll With It’.

Why did blur wear an oasis T-shirt on top of the Pops?

Blur rubbed salt into the Manchester band’s wounds when they performed their chart-topping single on Top of the Pops with bassist Alex James wearing an Oasis t-shirt. “It was ridiculous, really,” Noel Gallagher reflected in 2019.