How many promotion points is my PT score?

How many promotion points is my PT score?

How Many Promotion Points is Your PT Score Worth? In general, a passing score of 180 is 40 promotion points. Every score amount above 180 is equal to that many promotion points.

How do I calculate my promotion points Army?

Look for the score from your last Physical Training (PT) test. If you got the maximum 300 points, you have 50 promotion points. If you scored lower than 300, you have fewer promotion points. For a complete list of the promotion points you got for your score, look at table 3-20 on page 48 of Army Regulation 600-8-19.

How many points is an APFT worth?

What are the APFT standards? The maximum APFT score is 100 points per discipline, which gives a total of 300 points. To pass the test, it is required to get at least 60 points (60%) in each category.

Can you take an APFT for promotion points?

This policy will allow Soldiers to continue their career advancement while the Army transitions to the ACFT. Army Directive 2021-14 contains the full policy, including the following key points: All E-4s are authorized to take the APFT to qualify for or increase their opportunity for promotion.

How many promotion points is a 180 APFT?

The APFT affords soldiers the opportunity to earn up to 180-points for SGT E-5 and 145-points for SSG E-6. These points represent about 18% and 23% of the total 800 available respectively. That’s a big flipping deal! You can see the large gap between the minimum and maximum promotion points.

Does the ACFT count towards promotion points?

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) and Promotion Points Impact Army Directive 2020-06 (Army Combat Fitness Test) seems to suggest that any APFT passing score can be used for promotion points until 3/31/2022.

What is the Army 2 mile run time male?

For men, the standards for the minimum and maximum time scores are: Age (17-21) — Minimum (15:54 minutes), maximum (13:00 minutes) Age (22-26) — Minimum (16:36 minutes), maximum (13:00 minutes)

How do you calculate Army promotion points?

Warrior Leader Course. Another big chunk of the points available in this category are from attending WLC (Warrior Leader Course) This course (currently) lasts for about 3 weeks.

  • Correspondence Courses. Another easy way of gaining points is by doing correspondence courses (Army online classes).
  • SkillPort.
  • How to calculate my promotion points Army?

    (1) Combat Infantry Badge – 15

  • (2) Combat Field Medical Badge – 15
  • (3) Expert Infantry Badge – 10
  • (4) Expert Field Medical Badge – 10
  • (5) Basic US Army Recruiter Badge – 10 (each subsequent award,that is,Gold Achievement Star,Gold Recruiter Badge,Sapphire Achievement Star,will receive 5 points) – maximum points –
  • (6) Ranger Tab – 10
  • How do I Check my Army promotion points?

    Non Commissioned Officer Education System. This sub-category only contains one thing,your designated NCO Academy or school.

  • Computer Based Military Education. The new Army Promotion Point system has been designed to ensure that soldiers can not rack up a ton of points in this subcategory alone.
  • Resident Military Education.
  • Where to find my army promotion points?

    Print a copy of your Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).

  • Check out your ERB. It’s divided into several sections.
  • Look for the score from your last Physical Training (PT) test.
  • Add up promotion points for each of your awards.
  • Look at your education.
  • Tell your leaders you want to be selected to go before the promotion board.