How many locations does Sun Tan City have?

How many locations does Sun Tan City have?

We’re in 250+ locations across 20 states, so prices vary.

How long is the fastest bed at Sun Tan City?

Our Tanning Bed Options

  • Fast. 20 Minute Max. Our FAST tanning beds are our best value for getting your base tan and maintaining it.
  • Faster. 15 Minute Max. Our FASTER tanning beds will generally give you a base tan 2-3 times faster than our FAST tanning bed.
  • Fastest. 12 Minute Max.
  • Instant. 12 Minute Max.

Who is the owner of Sun Tan City?

brothers David and Rick Kueber
Sun Tan City began in 1999, when enterprising brothers David and Rick Kueber decided to add two tanning beds to one of their successful video retail stores, hoping to attract more summer business. It worked so well that a brand was born, and Sun Tan City has been growing ever since.

What states have a sun tan city?

Louisville, Ky. — Sun Tan City, a chain of privately owned tanning salons, has opened 22 franchised salons in Missouri and Michigan, and its first location in Idaho. These openings bring the company’s total number of franchise stores to 172.

Why can’t you shave before a spray tan?

If you shave any closer to your appointment, you run the risk of your spray tan turning out streaky because razors leave a film on your skin which makes it harder for the solution to adhere to your skin.

What happens if you shave before a spray tan?

Who is Rick Kueber?

Rick Kueber – Founder/CEO – Sun Tan City | LinkedIn.

Where are tanning beds most popular?

New York City had the most indoor tanning salons — a total of 183 facilities —but with its population of 8 million (and counting), it had one of the lowest rates of density.

Are spray tans popular?

Spray tanning has been around for a while now, gaining immense popularity. Not to mention, the products, the list of ingredients and spray tanning methods have all been perfected over time.

Can I wear my glasses after a spray tan?

Please bring loose dark clothing to wear straight after your tan. Anything that is tight like leggings, a bra, tight shoes and/or socks will rub the tan off causing the tan to look uneven. Even be careful with glasses or sunglasses. Please be careful when you put your seat belt on because this may also rub the tan off.

Does Sun Tan City own buff City soap?

As entrepreneurs, the Sun Tan City team constantly looks at new deals. In 2018, they invested in a startup company called Buff City Soap, which produces and sells soaps and related products free of harsh ingredients and full of nourishing, plant-based goodness, handmade daily in their stores.