How many cars does the Sultan of Brunei own?

How many cars does the Sultan of Brunei own?

7000 luxury cars
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah owns 7000 luxury cars, which are said to be worth about Rs 341 billion. Sultan has 600 Rolls Royce and 300 Ferraris in his collection of cars. Interestingly, in the 1990s the Bolkiah family accounted for almost half of all the Rolls Royce sold in that decade.

How many Ferraris does Sultan of Brunei have?

450 Ferraris
The Sultan of Brunei is the world’s biggest car collector, with more than 600 Rolls-Royces, 450 Ferraris, and over 380 Bentleys in his collection. Imagine owning 7,000 cars.

How many gold cars does Sultan of Brunei have?

While the exact number of cars in this impressive collection is unknown, experts are estimating it at between 3000 and 6000 luxury, concept and vintage cars. The Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has a net worth of about $20 billion and is one of the richest royals in the world, according to Forbes.

Who is the man that has 7000 cars?

the 29th Sultan of Brunei
The car collection of the 29th Sultan of Brunei is the largest private car collection in the world, consisting of approximately 7,000 cars which have an estimated combined value over US$5 billion.

Who is selling the Sultan of Brunei’s cars?

Who Is Selling The Sultan Of Brunei’s Cars? A broker is selling 25 Ferraris, three Lamborghinis, and a Cizeta, among other rare supercars. All are unregistered with delivery mileage only, which means they almost certainly belong to the Sultan of Brunei.

Would you Commission a Ferrari bolide for the Sultan of Brunei?

There are Ferrari F50 models all over the world, but if you’re the Sultan of Brunei with millions of dollars to spare, a “mere” F50 won’t cut it. So, you commission a unique variant of one of the last raw supercars. And since Ferrari is no stranger to creating bespoke cars for their most loyal customers, the Bolide was born.

Does the Sultan of Dubai have a Rolls Royce in his driveway?

It has been reported that much of the collection actually belongs to the Sultan’s 3rd brother, Prince Jefri, and various nephews and that most of the collection is unused and decaying. Other trivia has it that the staff has a Rolls Royce in the driveway, always running, 24/7 and that members of his harem are paid over $200,000.00 a week.

What is the top speed of the Sultan’s car?

The Sultan’s car has a top speed of 250 mph and needs 2.9 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. The 4.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 engine is capable of producing 1,018 horsepower. That should be enough power to satisfy even the Sultan’s fast lifestyle and all the women he has to please.