How many calories are in a Double Down from KFC?

How many calories are in a Double Down from KFC?

540 calories
Still, KFC’s new creation might surprise you a little on the nutritional front. At 540 calories, the Double Down, though not exactly a dieting food, is 90 calories lighter than McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich.

What is the highest calorie food at KFC?

At 720 calories apiece, the Chicken Pot Pie and the Famous Bowl are tied for highest calorie options at KFC. It’s not hard to understand why. The Famous Bowl is mashed potatoes, corn, crispy chicken, gravy, and three different cheeses.

How much protein is in a Double Down at KFC?

52 g
Double Down (sandwich)

Nutritional value per 248 g
Fat 37 g
Saturated 11 g
Trans 1 g
Protein 52 g

How many calories are in a KFC meal?

The calories in these foods will shock you… A KFC Fillet Burger meal (including fries and a drink) contains around 750 calories and 29.6g of fat – 4.5g of saturated fat. Believe it or not, that is equivalent to…

How many calories is in a KFC sandwich?

There are 650 calories in 1 sandwich of KFC Classic Chicken Sandwich.

Are KFC burgers unhealthy?

KFC is an Aussie staple, as is its Original Recipe Burger. While not the healthiest item on the menu, it is certainly the healthiest choice of burgers (and probably the tastiest). With 530 calories in just the burger, it’s not a terrible option.

What can I eat at KFC to lose weight?

While higher in calories and fat than the grilled options, crispy chicken tenders can be another lower-calorie option compared to the Original Recipe. A single Extra Crispy chicken tender has 140 calories and 7g fat. KFC’s tender-size portions are also a great way to add protein to a simple side salad.

How many calories are in a KFC chicken sandwich combo?

How many calories does the KFC Double Down have?

Where do I find the nutritional information for KFC? How many calories are in a KFC Double Down? As greasy as it is messy the Double Down weighs in at 560 calories, 26.5g of fat and 1,660mg of sodium according to The Consumerist . How many calories does 1 KFC chicken have?

How to make KFC Double Down?

Start by slicing your chicken breasts,(only if they are two large).

  • Flatten your breasts until they are roughly half the height of their original size.
  • Then in a bowl,marinate your chicken breasts using the salt&pepper,mustard powder or all spice powder and Worcestershire sauce.
  • What is the nutritional value of KFC?

    Kfc Chicken Sandwich (no Sauce) (1 serving) Calories: 300, Fat: 4g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 34g. Show full nutrition information. Nutrition Facts. Calories in Kfc Chicken Sandwich (no Sauce) Serving Size: 1 serving. Amount Per Serving. Calories 300.0. Total Fat 4.0 g.

    How many carbs in KFC?

    Welcome to the nutritional carbs content in 21 different types of kfc, ranging from 42.51 g to 0 g per 100g. The basic type of kfc is KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, Coleslaw, where the amount of carbs in 100g is 15.65 g. 15.65 g of carbs per 100g, from KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, Coleslaw corresponds to 12% of the carbs RDA.