How do you tame a dog in NetHack?

How do you tame a dog in NetHack?

Dogs and cats can be tamed with “people food” – food rations, pancakes, fortune cookies, etc. – and meat such as tripe rations, fresh meaty corpses that are not harmful, and items such as meatballs created with stone to flesh, such as meatballs. Eggs can also be used, but they usually just break when thrown.

How do I find NetHack?

c. By pressing the s key, you will search each of the surrounding squares. Your chance of success for searching depends generally on Luck and any items with applicable bonuses, and varies with the dungeon features that can potentially be revealed.

How do you open chests in NetHack?

To unlock a chest or large box, you can:

  1. Apply some unlocking tool to it.
  2. Zap a wand of opening at it.
  3. Kick it. Because this often destroys some of the items (e.g. potions) inside, it’s not the best method.
  4. #force the lock with a weapon.
  5. Cast knock at it.

How do you move in NetHack?

Movement is the act of changing the player character’s position on the map. That can be done using direction keys, travel, jumping, or teleportation. Pressing a direction key moves you one square in that direction. With modifiers or prefixes it can move more than one square.

Which came first NetHack or rogue?

Rogue is the predecessor to NetHack and all other roguelike games; it is the reference in the name.

How do I equip armor in NetHack?

Wear, shift + W, is a command used to wear pieces of armor and shields. Items of armor that layer over the torso must be worn in an ‘inner-to-outer’ fashion: shirts, then body armor, then cloaks. Use the shift + T command to take off worn armor.

How do I play NetHack in terminal?

If you’re using an OS that isn’t Windows, open your OS’s terminal and type telnet . That’s all!

How many levels are there in NetHack?

fifty primary levels
NetHack’s dungeon spans about fifty primary levels, most of which are procedurally generated when the player character enters them for the first time. A typical level contains a way “up” and “down” to other levels. These may be stairways, ladders, trapdoors, etc.

How long is a game of NetHack?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 8 12h 26m
Main + Extras 7 101h 17m
Completionists 6 1106h 50m
All PlayStyles 21 354h 44m

How do you move in Nethack?