How do you say goodnight in language?

How do you say goodnight in language?

How To Say Good Night In Different Languages

  1. Afrikaans: Goeie nag.
  2. Albanian: Natën e mirë!
  3. Amharic: ደህና እደር (Cehina ideri.
  4. Arabic: مساء الخير (Masa’ alkhayr)
  5. Armenian: Բարի գիշեր (Bari gisher)
  6. Azerbaijani: Salam.
  7. Bangla: শুভ রাত্রি (Śubha rātri)
  8. Basque: Gau on.

How do you say 20 in different languages?

In other languages twenty

  1. Arabic: عِشْرُون
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: vinte.
  3. Chinese: 二十
  4. Croatian: dvadeset.
  5. Czech: dvacet.
  6. Danish: tyve.
  7. Dutch: twintig.
  8. European Spanish: veinte.

How do you say hello in 20 language?

How to say ‘Hello’ in 20 Languages

  1. Indo-European Languages.
  2. BONJOUR – French.
  3. HOLA – Spanish.
  4. HALLO / GUTEN TAG – German.
  5. CIAO – Italian.
  6. OLÀ – Portuguese.
  7. NAMASTE – Hindi.
  8. SALAAM – Persian (Farsi)

How do you say goodnight in 10 different languages?

In other languages goodnight

  1. American English: good night /ˈɡʊdˌnaɪt/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: boa noite.
  3. Chinese: 晚安
  4. European Spanish: buenas noches.
  5. French: bonne nuit.
  6. German: gute Nacht.
  7. Italian: buonanotte.
  8. Japanese: おやすみなさい

How do you say goodnight in Jamaican?

A collection of useful phrases in Jamaican, an English-based creole with influences from languages of West and Central Africa spoken mainly in Jamaica. Note: there is no standard way of spelling Jamaican, and there are different ways of writing many words….Useful phrases in Jamaican.

Phrase Jimiekn / Patwah (Jamaican)
Good night Gud nite

How do you write twenty in French?

How to count from 20-69 in French

  1. 20 : vingt.
  2. 21 : vingt-et-un.
  3. 22 : vingt-deux.
  4. 23 : vingt-trois.
  5. 24 : vingt-quatre.
  6. 25 : vingt-cinq.
  7. 26 : vingt-six.
  8. 27 : vingt-sept.

How do you say goodbye in Zulu?

When saying goodbye to one person you would say Hamba kahle (‘Go well’) or Sala kahle (‘Stay/remain well’). When saying goodbye to more than one person, Hambani kahle or Salani kahle would be used. A: Sawubona!

How do you say goodbye in 50 languages?

Do you know how to say goodbye in these languages?…Learn how to say “Goodbye” in 50 different languages.

Language ‘Goodbye’
French Au Revoir
German Auf Wiedersehen
Greek Yasou
Hawaiian Aloha

What is Goodnight in South Africa?

Good night – Boroko!

How do you say goodnight in African?

Translation of word Good Night in almost 13 African languages….Good Night in African Languages.

Different Languages Word Good Night
Somali habeen wanaagsan
Swahili Usiku mwema

What does Wah Gwaan mean?

what’s up
‘Wah Gwaan’ Wah Gwaan is a casual greeting to enquire how somebody is or what’s up.

How do you Say Good Night in other languages?

Language Ways to say Have a good night; Albanian: Naten e mire Edit: Basque: Ondo lo egin Edit: Belarusian: Дабранач Edit: Bosnian: Laku noć Edit: Bulgarian: Лека нощ Edit: Catalan: Que tinguis una bona nit Edit: Corsican: Bona notte Edit: Croatian: Laku noć Edit: Czech: Dobrou noc Edit: Danish: Hav en god aften Edit: Dutch

How to say good night in different languages?

Nighty Night.|Sweet dreams!|Night Night.

  • Sleep well.|Have a good sleep.
  • Dream about me!|I’ll be dreaming of you!
  • Go to bed,you sleepy head!|Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland!
  • Don’t forget to say your prayers!|Jesus loves you,and so do I!
  • I’ll be right here in the morning.|Until tomorrow.
  • What are different ways to say goodnight?

    – Different Ways to Say Good Night. -Have a good night! – Funny Ways to Say Goodnight. -Go to bed, sleepyhead! – Ways to Say Goodnight to Children. – Ways to Say Goodnight to Romantic Partners. – Sleep Phrases and Their Meanings. – Ways to Say Good Night in Other Languages. – In Conclusion. – Useful Links

    What are some creative ways to say goodnight?

    – Tiny stars, shining bright, it’s time for me to say good night. So, close your eyes and snuggle up tight. I’m wishing you sweet dreams tonight. – Touch your heart; Close your eyes; Make a wish and say good night! – Wait, don’t sleep, let me pray. Dear God, please let my friend have sweet dreams. Good night, bestie.