How do you know if you won the Walmart survey?

How do you know if you won the Walmart survey?

Potential Grand Prize winners will be notified by the Independent Administrator by email and/or phone on or about August 8, 2022 (the “Notification”). Grand Prize winners must respond to Notification within 5 business days of the Independent Administrator’s first Notification.

Is Walmart entry survey legit?

It’s a scam! Read carefully and you will find many typos and mistakes in the email; the title is even misspelled as WALMRAT instead of WALMART. The buttons contained in these emails can be malicious or phishing links and lure you into sending your personal/financial information to the scammers.

Is Walmart customer survey legit?

Walmart occasionally invites customers to take an online survey about their shopping experience. In return, you’ll get a small gift card or other compensation. But scammers create fake Walmart online surveys to gain access to sensitive information they can use for identity theft or financial fraud.

Do Walmart Rewards expire?

Walmart Credit Card cash back rewards do not expire as long as your account is open and in good standing. You will forfeit any cash back rewards you have yet to redeem if you or Capital One closes your Walmart Credit Card account for any reason.

Can I redeem Walmart Rewards online?

The Walmart Rewards Card lets you redeem points for purchases during online checkout at, as well as for statement credits, and to cover past purchases made on your card. You can also cash in your rewards for gift cards.

Is this Walmart gift card giveaway legit?

While this Walmart gift card giveaway was indeed legitimate, we urge readers to be cautious about trusting other flashy offers that are received in email messages.

What can you buy with a Walmart gift card?

You can buy just about anything you can imagine at Walmart stores or online at, with a gift card which is as good as cash. To say Walmart is a popular store would be an understatement.

What are the terms and conditions for Walmart gift cards?

All Walmart gift card terms and conditions apply to the use of the prizes, and are incorporated herein by reference. Each prize winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes, including taxes imposed on his/her income. No more than the stated number of prizes set forth in these Official Rules will be awarded.

Can you win a $1000 Walmart gift card by taking a survey?

In March 2022, we looked at the legitimacy of an email that appeared to promise the chance to win a $100 or $1,000 Walmart gift card, all for taking a survey. The email’s subject line read: “Take our survey and you could win $1000!” It claimed to come from “Walmart Customer Experience.”