How do you gain loyalty in Evil Genius?

How do you gain loyalty in Evil Genius?

Minions can recover loyalty simply by observing the Evil Genius perform evil acts. An interrogation, slaying agents, admiring stolen loot, or watching as he or she executes an underling all have positive auras which raise the loyalty stat of your minions.

Has Evil Genius 2 been improved?

Sadly, when it was released on PC in March 2021, it was full of glitches and bugs. Luckily, however, the developers have worked hard to rectify the situation. As we welcome the year 2022, the game is much improved, and I experienced few issues. The action opens with the option of 4 villains and 3 Islands.

Can you capture atomic Olga?

Atomic Olga will arrive at the base with a squad of soldiers to try and defeat the genius. The player must kill the soldiers, and capture Atomic Olga alive. Once in a cell, the player must interrogate her on a magnet trap. Afterwards, Atomic Olga and the genius will have a final conversation.

What do the loot items do in Evil Genius 2?

Restores Morale of the minions. Restores 1 point of Morale of the minions every 2 seconds.

How do you raise morale in evil genius?

The Evil Genius can regain his/her own morale points by sitting in their chair in their Inner Sanctum.

How do you interrogate In Evil Genius 2?

To perform an interrogation, the player must first have the captured prisoner kept inside of a cell in the Armory. Then, to interrogate the prisoner, select the occupied cell and mark the prisoner with an interrogation tag. Then, choose an interrogation device within your base to use for the procedure.

How do you get the scientist in Evil Genius 2?

Scientists use a Whiteboard to train a Technician to become a Scientist in the Training Room. A Scientist Hostage is required to train your first scientist. The hostage missions can be found in Central Russia and Antartica.

What does the void doomsday device do?

Zalika builds a doomsday device named V.O.I.D. in her campaign to take over the world. It is a machine that will brainwash all of humanity to make them subservient to the will of Zalika.

How do you stop super agents in Evil Genius 2?

As tempting as it might be, you can’t capture Super Agents. Even when defeated, they always return to the World Map after a while. The only way to get rid of them permanently is by completing their side stories, which does take a while. Their squad, however, is fair game, both for interrogation and brainwashing.