How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in Illinois?

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in Illinois?

Certified copies are only available at the county clerk in the county where the marriage occurred (see RESOURCES in the right-hand column and click on List of County Clerks). The Division of Vital Records can verify the facts of a marriage that has taken place from 1962 through the current index date available.

How do I find marriage records in Illinois?

To obtain copies of marriages found in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, write the appropriate county clerk and include in your letter all of the information on the marriage given in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. Only county clerks may issue certified copies of marriage records.

How do I find marriage records in Cook County IL?

The Cook County Clerk’s office is the official record keeper for marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships in Chicago and suburban Cook County. Cook County Vital Records provides copies of these documents to eligible individuals upon request.

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Are Illinois marriage records public?

Are Illinois Marriage Records Public Information? Yes. Interested persons may obtain a document verifying a marriage or civil union in Illinois — this document is for informational purposes only. Certified copies of marriage records become public information after 75 years.

How can I find out if someone is married in Illinois for free?

Marriage record searches are free, but a small copy fee will be billed for records found. IRAD provides uncertified copies only. Certified copies must be requested from the county clerk. County clerks are the official custodians of all marriage records recorded in Illinois counties.

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What is a marriage license and how do I get one?

A marriage license is issued by the county clerk’s office or an equivalent legal authority. It confirms that both parties are permitted to be married under the law and must be obtained prior to the marriage.

What is a marriage record?

A marriage record or marriage certificate belongs in the category of vital records, meaning that it is kept by the government for civil registration purposes to protect each individual’s legal rights. When exploring the complex web of family history, marriage records can be a beacon of light to help illuminate our ancestors’ lives.

How can I Find my Marriage Records?

The best rule of thumb when researching vital records, including marriage records, is to look to the state where the marriage took place. Each state is responsible for maintaining their own vital records, through their vital records office, so your ability to access a marriage record or license will depend on the appropriate state agency.

What information do you get from a marriage certificate?

Marriage records typically record key information that can be quite helpful for your genealogical efforts, including: the dates of birth of both parties; the age of both parties at the time of marriage; the location of birth for both parties; and the names of the parents of both parties.