How do I check my northlink results online?

How do I check my northlink results online?


  1. Nated Trimester 3 results 2022 are available, to view log on to the student portal.
  2. Enter your “student number” and your PIN, then click on “Login” to view the available results.
  3. You can then view the status of your result.

Is northlink a good College?

In 2018, Northlink College was also named the best performing college in South Africa. The institution has also been awarded the Best Academically Achieving College Award in the National Certificate Vocational Programme, which is a product in the TVET sector specifically for grade 9 students.

How many campuses does northlink have?

Northlink has seven easily accessible campuses in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

Is Northlink College private or public?

Public college
Northlink College is a Government higher education institution situated in Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa….Northlink College.

Type Public college

How do I check my Coltech results?

Exam Results are available ONLINE

Does Northlink College have res?

The Northlink TVET College student do not have/offer accommodation at campus however, there are places around the campus with accommodation. Find popular hostels near Northlink TVET College. Therefore, if you have other questions about Northlink TVET College Student residences, visit the official website.

Can I rewrite my matric at Northlink College?

The NYDA is offering you a 2nd chance to rewrite your MATRIC / NSC. Applications are now open.

Can you study at northlink without matric?

For admission to the pre-matric programmes a minimum of a Grade 9 certificate is required. Northlink College prescribes course (study) fees which are determined prior to the beginning of each academic year. All fees must be paid in full before a student can be granted permission to write a national examination.

Which TVET College have residence?

Student housing is available on the Umlazi-V, Umbumbulu, and Appelsbosch campuses. Hostel accommodations are available to students whose home addresses are more than 40 kilometres away from the Campus.

Does TVET offer accommodation?

Coastal KZN TVET College. Umlazi-V, Umbumbulu and Appelsbosch Campuses have student accommodation.