How can I hide my last seen on WhatsApp Android?

How can I hide my last seen on WhatsApp Android?

How to Turn Off/On Last Seen on Android

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android and tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  2. From the menu, tap Settings, then tap Account.
  3. From the Account screen, tap Privacy, then tap Last seen. Next, choose Nobody for your Last Seen setting.

How can I hide WhatsApp last seen?

To utilize the function, go to settings > privacy > Last seen > My Contact list, and enter the names you want to add from whom you want to hide your ‘last seen’ status.”

Can I hide when I’m online on WhatsApp?

In Settings, select “Account.” In the Account page, find and select “Privacy.” Tap “Last Seen” to change your online status. You have two options to hide your online or “Last Seen” status — you can choose for only “My Contacts” to see your status or for “Nobody” to see your status.

How to hide your last seen on WhatsApp?

On the Settings screen, tap on the Account option. 4. On the Account Screen, tap on Privacy. 5. On the Privacy screen, tap on Last Seen. 6. On the next screen, tap on My Contacts. This setting ensures that only the Contacts who are present in the Address book of your iPhone or Android Phone are able to see your WhatsApp Last Seen. 2.

What is no last seen or read on WhatsApp?

Shh 😉 No Last Seen or Read enables you to read all messages you’ve received on WhatsApp in Incognito mode, without the blue double check appearing in the app. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require you to go to the offline mode or removing your internet connection.

How do I read WhatsApp messages without them showing up?

The way W-Tools works is through disabling your WiFi and mobile internet connection. You just open the app and click ‘Start service’ to disable your internet, and then enter WhatsApp and safely read messages without your friends getting the WhatsApp last seen a blue double-check or the notification that you are online.

How do I send all messages in the last seen off app?

Once you have finished you hit the back button until you return to the Last Seen Off app and then have the option of clicking send to send all the messages or leave the app, both of which are the same. To submit a comment, please log in first.