How can I get answers to questions?

How can I get answers to questions?

13 Best Sites to Get Your Questions Answered!

  1. Answerbag. Level-up your marketing strategy.
  2. Yahoo! Answers. Probably the most popular community Q&A powered site with millions of users and thousands of questions asked and answered every day.
  3. Blurt it.
  4. WikiAnswers.
  5. FunAdvice.
  6. Askville.
  7. Friendfeed.

How do I talk to a vet online?

PetCoach is the leading source of online veterinarian advice. Obtain brief answers or chat with a veterinarian privately about your dog, cat or any other pet.

What is Ja Exprt com?

According to Wikipedia, JustAnswer AKA is an online expert question and answer website that connects visitors with over 11,990 verified experts in several categories including medical, legal, tax experts, automotive, veterinary, electricians, plumbers, tech support, network issues, software & technology and …

Who is JustAnswer Co UK?

About JustAnswer makes fast, affordable expert help available to people everywhere. We help them solve problems and answer questions by connecting them online with doctors, lawyers, vets, mechanics, tech support and more.

Do Vets recommend pet insurance?

Unlike health insurance for people, veterinarians can generally accept all pet insurance plans, because the claims process works a lot differently. When you go to a doctor, they submit a claim to your insurer on your behalf, and they need to have a relationship with that insurer.

Where is just answer located?

San Francisco

How much can you make on JustAnswer?

Getting paid Most questions appear to be answered for $5. Bloggers who have tested the service say that the typical expert gets just 20% of that, but may be able to work their way up to getting half. (Don’t spend that $2.50 windfall all in one place.)

How do I contact JustAnswer?

  1. Contact JustAnswer: Find below customer service details of JustAnswer, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the company and its services.
  2. Head Office. P.O. Box 29045,
  3. Customer Service. Phone: 1-(US)
  4. About JustAnswer.

How do you answer Brainly questions?


  1. Just click on answer button..
  2. First, you should select a question which you can answer. Then you just click on the ‘Answer’ button and type you answer. Then click on ‘ADD YOUR ANSWER’ button.
  3. ___________________
  4. Hope this will help you.. 🙂
  5. Answer more questions and be brainly.. 🙂

Can just answer vets prescribe medication?

Unfortunately it is not legal to write a prescription online. CriticalCareVet : Minimally, an in-person examination with a veterinarian is needed to establish a professional-client relationship before a prescription is legally possible.

Can I trust JustAnswer?

I would caution against using this service. On the sign-up page, JustAnswer claims that they will notify you before your trial period expires. I received no such notification and only discovered that my trial period had expired when I noticed their monthly $60 charge on my bank statement. Beware!

What does just answer cost?

a $5

How do I get a refund from JustAnswer?

Accordingly, if you do not accept an answer and are not satisfied with your experience on JustAnswer for any reason, then as your sole remedy you may request a refund within thirty (30) days of when you paid to ask your question on JustAnswer here or by calling Customer Service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) …

Can Online vets prescribe?

Online vets are able to prescribe most of the same medications as a vet hospital. You can trust your pet’s care with an online vet whenever they are sick.

Is iCliniq real?

iCliniq is an online medical second opinion platform with more than 2500 doctors from 80+ medical specialities. iCliniq solved more than 700,000 health queries about various ailments of users from 160+ countries.

Why are emergency vets so expensive?

Expect Higher Costs Due to the specialized services they provide, the fees you’ll pay to have your pet evaluated and treated by an emergency vet are higher than they’d be at your regular veterinarian.

Is JustAnswer com free?

Our goal is to provide fast, affordable help from verified Experts like doctors, lawyers, mechanics and more. JustAnswer is not free, however it is still a fraction of the cost of professional service fees.

Can I get an online vet prescription?

Additionally, vets can use telehealth apps to check pets’ medical histories and give prescriptions online.

Is JustAnswer confidential?

JustAnswer is an Internet-based forum and the posts made by clients and experts are, as quoted in the terms of service of the website, “not private or confidential, nor is it protected by attorney-client, doctor-patient, or any other privilege, and it may be read, collected, and used by others.” Though the posts cannot …

Is pet insurance worth the money?

Key Takeaways. Pet insurance is a worthwhile investment for most pet owners because it provides valuable financial assistance for veterinary costs and invaluable peace of mind. Many pet insurance companies offer flexible plans, allowing you to choose a policy that fits within your budget.