Has Zidane won the Champions League as a player?

Has Zidane won the Champions League as a player?

His first trophy as a player came in 1995 for Bordeaux when he won the UEFA Intertoto Cup. However, he won most of the silverware during his stay at Juventus and Real Madrid….How many trophies has Zinedine Zidane won as a manager?

Year Competition
2017-18 UEFA Champions League
2019-20 La Liga, Spanish Super Cup

Why are there no English players in La Liga?

Liga BBVA clubs have a large pool of good Spanish players to choose from who are willing to play for lower wages (relatively). In such a scenario it makes no sense to buy an English player who will command a large transfer fee, higher wages and would have to adapt to the country & football style.

Who is the slowest soccer player in the world?

FIFA 20: Slowest players

Rank Player Acceleration
1 H Ramirez 14
2 M Mleczko 34
3 Jailson Acuna 12
4 S Royce 12

What does Zidane contribute to the Real Madrid team?

Everyone contributes something to the team in their own way on the field”. Regarding his coaching role at Real Madrid, Zidane commented in 2018: “When you work with high-quality players, they know how to manage those periods of games when you’re not playing well, and they get things back on track very quickly. My job was to keep people calm!”

When did Zidane score his first goal for Cannes?

Zidane made his professional debut with Cannes on 18 May 1989 in a French Division 1 match against Nantes. He scored his first goal for the club on 10 February 1991 also against Nantes in a 2–1 win.

How many Onze d’Or’s has Zidane won?

^ 3 Onzes d’Or, 3 Onzes d’Argent and 1 Onze de Bronze. ^ 3 FIFA World Player of the Year awards, 1 FIFA World Player of the Year Silver award and 2 FIFA World Player of the Year Bronze awards. ^ “Zinedine Zidane leads Real Madrid to club record 16th straight La Liga win”.