Does Rolex still make the rainbow?

Does Rolex still make the rainbow?

The Limited Production According to Watches by SJX, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona was introduced in 2012 in white or yellow gold. Unfortunately, the watches were discontinued after a while, leaving the desirable watch’s price to soar. Even after reviving the model in Everose gold, only a handful is made each year.

How much is a Rolex Rainbow Daytona retail?

You can buy the Rainbow Daytona (if you can get your hands on one) for $96,900 without the diamond dial and bracelet (yes, that version exists too). You can read more about this watch at Rolex online.

Is Rainbow Daytona discontinued?

As a result, very few Rainbow Daytonas were produced and the model is now discontinued. Today, the watch has soared to new heights in popularity due to its utter rarity and impressive looks. Due to a lack of supply on the market, the Rainbow Daytona is often not available to those even willing to pay a premium.

How much is the rainbow Rolex?

Rolex Day-Date 36 36mm 18k Everose Gold President Diamond PavĂ©… Rolex Day-Date 36 Yellow Gold Rainbow Diamond Baguette Pave……Prices at a Glance: Rolex Rainbow.

Model, reference number Price (approx.) Case
Day-Date 36 Rainbow, 128345RBR 120,000 USD 18-karat Everose gold

Why is the Rolex Daytona rainbow so expensive?

About the Rolex Rainbow Daytona This is due to its colorful appearance, as well as the fact that these watches tend to have very limited production runs. According to Rolex, this is because it’s extremely difficult to find high-quality sapphires in even, uniform tones.

When did Rolex Daytona rainbow come out?

The Rainbow Daytona was first released back in 2012 in both white and yellow gold. It was made in very limited quantities, hit cult status quickly and has almost tripled in value since then. This year Rolex surprised us all by dropping the Everose version, and it is spectacular in the metal.

How many rainbow daytonas are there?

To date, Rolex has created three official Rainbow Daytona models: the refs.

Which Rolexes are hardest to get?

In writing moments, the Rolex models that are the hardest to get are the Daytona 116500, 126710BLNR, 126710BLRO, 116610LN, 114060, 126711CHNR, 116610LN, 116610LV. So there are still other sports models from Rolex that are relatively easy to get a hold of.