Can you do auto transfer with MSUFCU?

Can you do auto transfer with MSUFCU?

How do I set up automatic transfers between my accounts? To setup automatic payments to your loan from your MSUFCU account, Log in to ComputerLineĀ® or the MSUFCU Mobile app and select MoveMoney. If you’re making a payment from an external financial institution, please complete the ACH Origination Form.

How long does eDeposit take MSUFCU?

2-24 hours
Please allow 2-24 hours for processing. Additional verbal and/or written confirmation may be required prior to sending the wire. Click here for the domestic wire form. Click here for the international wire form.

How do I transfer money from MSUFCU to another bank?

Once enrolled, you may log in to ComputerLineĀ® or the MSUFCU Mobile app and select MoveMoney. Then choose Transfer Money, and follow the prompts. If you’re transferring money to another member, you can use Member2Member, which allows you to instantly transfer funds.

Which bank is MSUFCU?

As of year-end 2020, MSUFCU has 21 branches, over 300,000 members, more than $5.6 billion in assets, and nearly 900 employees….Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

Type Credit union

Why is my MSUFCU account frozen?

Your account will be frozen after five unsuccessful attempts to log in to ComputerLineĀ®, the MSUFCU Mobile app, or MoneyLine with an incorrect password. If you receive this message, contact us for assistance, or stop in to any branch location.

How do I deposit a check online Msufcu?

  1. Sign in to the mobile app.
  2. Click eDeposit in the bottom menu.
  3. Select the account the check will be deposited to.
  4. Type the check amount.
  5. Check the “Check is signed on the back and included “For Mobile Deposit Only” box.
  6. Now tap the “Take Photos” button.

How do I deposit cash at Msufcu?

Make a deposit at an MSUFCU ATM. or by visiting a branch location. Using Member2Member, where they can instantly transfer funds to you.

Which bank is Msufcu?