Can we go on Serenity beach at night?

Can we go on Serenity beach at night?

This alluring beach is open to visitors throughout the week. You can go to the beach from morning to dusk. The opening and closing time of the Serenity beach is 6 AM and 6 PM, respectively. There is no entry fee to the beach.

Is Pondicherry beach Open in night?

The locals and a lot of the tourists take a stroll along the promenade at night making Rock Beach a loved nightlife spot in Pondicherry. The beach remains open 24 hours.

Is swimming allowed in Auroville beach?

Auroville beach or Auro beach is one of the famous beaches in Pondicherry for swimming. The shallow and crystal clear water makes it perfect for swimming and surfing. Also, Paradise beach and Karaikal beach allows one to swim.

Which beach is best to play in Pondicherry?

8 Best Beaches in Pondicherry for Sea Adventure

  • Auroville Beach. Auroville Beach, colloquially known as Auro Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Pondicherry.
  • Serenity Beach.
  • Paradise Beach.
  • Promenade Beach.
  • Mahe Beach.
  • Karaikal Beach.
  • The Plage Paradiso Beach.
  • Reppo Beach.

Are there dolphins in Pondicherry?

You can go for backwater boating in Pondicherry, hiking, picnicking, and overnight camping in tree houses in backwaters. From here, people can also take short cruises to the sea. You can be lucky to spot dolphins too!

Can we bathe in Pondicherry beach?

One of the most famous beaches in Pondicherry. Note: -It is located between Pondicherry and Cuddalore. -You can sun bathe here, go for swimming.

Which beach is safe in Pondicherry?

Paradise beach is the cleanest beach around town as it is accessible mostly through a boat which takes you through the backwaters.

Can we drink alcohol in Pondicherry beach?

Can we drink alcohol in Pondicherry beach? No, drinking in public isn’t allowed, and so one should avoid drinking alcohol at Pondicherry beach.

Is Pondicherry alcohol free?

You get alcohol at low prices in Pondicherry, but that shouldn’t make you drink or smoke in public place. Drinking and smoking at public places including parks, beaches and museums is strictly prohibited. Also, any kind of narcotic substance is illegal in Pondicherry.