Are Swift Kontiki any good?

Are Swift Kontiki any good?

Value for money. The Kon-Tiki isn’t full of new trick touches and flashy features – it’s all about useable luxury living and practical performance for daily comfort. From £101,155 OTR for the 650 High model, it’s almost as heavy on the wallet as its 5000kg MTPLM, but you’ll be glad you spent the extra.

What is the weight of a swift Kontiki?

Swift Kon-tiki 649 factfile

Model Swift Kon-tiki 649
Dimensions 8.56m L x 2.35m W x 3.08m H
Berths Six
Travel seats Six
Maximum weight 5,000kg

How long is a Swift Kontiki 669?

The Kon-Tiki is 8.56m (28ft 1in) long and the result is typical of what many travellers desire: a rear island bed and a front lounge/dining area.

Who makes Kontiki motorhomes?

Swift’s star motorhome, the Kon-Tiki, still sits firmly at the top of all luxury motorhomes. The brand new Swift Kon-Tiki has had a complete makeover for 2022. Beautifully constructed with an impressive look, its reputation at the top of motorhome comfort is guaranteed.

Who makes Kon-Tiki?

Nordisk Film
Kon-Tiki (2012 film)

Edited by Per-Erik Eriksen Martin Stoltz
Music by Johan Söderqvist
Production companies Nordisk Film Film i Väst Recorded Picture Company DCM Productions Roenbergfilm
Distributed by Nordisk Film

How long is a swift Kon-Tiki motorhome?

Product Specification

Layouts Kon-Tiki 764 Kon-Tiki 794
Overall Length # 7.84 7.84
Bed Sizes Kon-Tiki 764 Kon-Tiki 794
Front Double 194cm x 133cm / 106cm / 6’4” x 4’4” / 3’6″ 194cm x 133cm / 106cm / 6’4” x 4’4” / 3’6″
Rear Double 188cm x 129cm / 6’2“ x 4’3” 180cm x 143cm / 5’11” x 4’8”

How long is a Swift Kontiki 645?

* Based on a 20% deposit with remaining balance paid over the maximum number of months dependent on finance plan eligibility….Swift Kon-Tiki 645 *Automatic* – End Lounge – High Spec – Low Miles – Motorhome ***SOLD***

Gross Vehicle Weight 4250
Total Length 25.2
Mileage (Miles) 52469

Who makes Kon Tiki?

When did Bailey start making motorhomes?

In 2011 the Approach SE, Bailey’s first motorhome range, was launched. With the same award- winning design principals as the caravans and at excellent value for money, this range firmly established Bailey within the motorhome market.

How long does it take to build a Bailey motorhome?

Each caravan takes around two-and-three-quarter hours to build from start to finish, with hundreds of dedicated workers involved.

How long do RV trailers last?

around 10 years
Luckily, travel trailers will last for around 10 years on average. However, 10 years is only the average life expectancy for a travel trailer. Some trailers will last longer, and some will have a shorter lifespan. That said, what you do to maintain your trailer is very important.

Is the 1989 Fiat Swift Kontiki for sale from 99p?

1989 FIAT SWIFT KONTIKI SPARES OR REPAIR EBAY AUCTION NO RESERVE SALE FROM 99P! G795YLN If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

What makes the Swift Kon-Tiki the ultimate in roadholding?

Targeting the luxury end of the market, the Swift Kon-Tiki has always been based on the independently sprung low-line Al-Ko Kober chassis for the ultimate in roadholding.

When did the Swift Kon-Tiki 640 come out?

Essentials • Swift Kon-Tiki 640 on Talbot Express on AL-KO chassis made in Britain between 1987 and 1994. • Overcab coachbuilt under 7m (23’) long

What is a Fiat Kon-Tiki?

When Sevel launched the X/44 generation of Fiat Ducato, the Kon-Tiki range consisted of two 640 models and one 650. The 640s featured a front offside double Pullman dinette, opposite which was a linear kitchen.