Are Cherry MX clears better than Browns?

Are Cherry MX clears better than Browns?

Number One: Whilst MX Clears are more tactile than MX Browns, they still lack the tactility I want out of a switch. So yes, these still aren’t tactile enough for me. They are better, but nowhere near perfect. Number Two: There are smoother options out there for more or even the same levels of tactility.

Are Browns better than clears?

Stock clears are really too stiff to do a lot of typing or gaming on. Their actuation point peaks out at 100g, which is REALLY heavy and will fatigue your fingers really quickly. Browns are nice, but the increased tactility of clears feels really nice as long as the spring isn’t too heavy.

Is MX Brown the best?

For typing, Cherry MX Brown is the king. As one of the most common switches out there, the Cherry MX Brown is absolutely perfect for typing. The slight tactile bump helps you avoid errors because once you hit the tactile bump, you know the key is registered.

Is MX Brown clicky?

Almost as popular as the Browns, MX Blue are everyone’s favorite “clicky” switch. Easily recognizable by their signature audible clicking sound.

Should you lube MX Brown switches?

In general, it’s recommended to not lube clicky switches. Lubing clicky switches can result in accidently converting your switch to a quieter tactile sound. Also, it may produce inconsistent sound between each switch. It’s best to not lube clicky switches.

Why are brown switches not good for gaming?

Brown switches are tactile. They have a slight bump on each keystroke which makes them excellent for typing and programming but they are not the best for gaming. Brown switches produce a moderate amount of noise.

Why is Cherry MX Brown so popular?

Cherry MX Browns are great for people who wants more feedback from their keyboard, so they know exactly when a key has been pressed. Cherry MX Browns have a tactile bump right before the actuation point, signaling that the key has been pressed.

Are Cherry MX Browns worth Lubing?

It’s not worth the effort, but I am experimenting with lubed MX Brown switches. You have to be careful or you will lose what little tactility there is. They probably will sound a little better, though. Lubed Cherry Clears can sound very good, for example.

Is MX Brown good for gaming?

If you need your keyboard to do a lot of typing and a lot of gaming, Cherry MX Browns are a better versatile fit. The switches are still plenty light and fast to do stand up to rigorous gaming, but also gives enough feedback to satisfy typers.

Do Brown switches feel mushy?

Go with MX Brown for coding, none of them should feel mushy. The mushy feeling would probably come from Cherry stabilizer if your keyboard uses it. Try to find a keyboard with MX Brown and Costar stabilizers.

Are brown switches scratchy?

Many say that browns are just scratchy reds. The tactile bump is certainly much less than that in blues.

What is the difference between the Cherry MX brown and clear?

The Cherry MX Clear switches are a slightly enhanced version of the MX Brown with a slightly more pronounced operating force. This must be applied with a little more conviction, which can be observed in a differentiated switch feel.

What is the difference between the MX brown and MX blue?

The MX Blue offers a very tactile behavior accompanied by an audible click. That is not the case with an MX Brown, which sits comfortably between Clicky and Linear behavior. That makes it the perfect choice if you don’t know which to get.

Are MX Browns worth the effort?

The actuation points and forces make your experience worthwhile. Here, MX Browns standout with a 2mm actuation point and 45g force. As such, not much effort is necessary for keypresses. Again, you don’t have to bottom out to get a response.

What is the travel distance and actuation force of MX Browns?

Cherry MX Browns have a total travel distance of 4mm along with a 2mm actuation distance. The actuation force is 55g with a bottom out force of 60g, which makes them have a very normal feeling.