Why is my broadband showing no internet connection?

Why is my broadband showing no internet connection?

You may have issues with an older router, computer, or other Wi-Fi device that doesn’t adhere to recent wireless standards. In that case, you may want to invest in a new router. Or your computer may need a new wireless adapter (a device that lets you connect to a Wi-Fi network).

How can I reset my BSNL broadband modem?


  1. Login. Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter. Enter admin as username and password.
  2. Click on the Admin tab.
  3. Click on Reboot.
  4. Select the factory settings and click on reboot.

Why is BSNL network not working?

In case a BSNL user is experiencing a low signal strength in a particular area, all they need to do to boost the signal strength is switching their network from 3G to 2G. It might disturb the internet speed but will surely strengthen the signal.

Why is BSNL broadband not working?

Also check if the data lights on your home router is blinking or not. Step 3: If the Data light is blinking – but you are still not able to connect to the internet, that means some of the network setting has been refreshed and you need to reconfigure the BSNL ONT. Step 5: Disconnect and restart your home router.

Why my BSNL broadband is not working?

If the data light is not blinking – there could be two scenarios i.e. backend connectivity issue or the fiber connection has been ruptured somewhere (i.e. may be a pole is broken etc.). In either situation of no data lights – simply raise a ticket with BSNL customer care.

What is the problem with BSNL?

Distressed telecom firms Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) and BSNL have been incurring losses and have been facing problems in clearing staff salaries in the recent past. BSNL’s loss is estimated to be around Rs 14,000 crore with a decline in revenue to Rs 19,308 crore during 2018-19.

Why BSNL signal is not working?

How can I get BSNL network settings?

Just open your messaging app and type “GPRS” and send it to 53733. After this, you will soon receive a message from BSNL containing your BSNL GPRS settings. Just send it to the other BSNL net settings SMS code 58355. Shortly, you will receive a message containing your BSNL internet settings.

How can I get BSNL network?

Go to the settings app. Tap on Network and Internet. Now tap on Mobile Networks. Tap on BSNL.

How can I activate internet in BSNL?

Send SMS ‘Start’ to 1925 from your BSNL number. You will receive a message saying that “Mobile data service has been activated”. TRAI has launched the 1925 SMS service to activate and deactivate mobile data.

How can I refresh my BSNL SIM?

You need to visit the nearest BSNL store and submit your reactivation request. Along with the request, you need to provide your photo ID and address proofs. You will get a confirmation call and your number will be reactivated.