Why is full-text index grayed out?

If “Full-Text Indexing” is greyed out it means that full-text indexing is not enabled.

Why is full-text index grayed out?

If “Full-Text Indexing” is greyed out it means that full-text indexing is not enabled.

What is full-text index SQL Server?

A full-text index is a special type of index that provides index access for full-text queries against character or binary column data. A full-text index breaks the column into tokens and these tokens make up the index data.

How do I change the full-text index in SQL Server?

The index is populated only after the user gives an ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX… START POPULATION command. When NO POPULATION is not specified, SQL Server populates the index. If CHANGE_TRACKING is enabled and WITH NO POPULATION is specified, SQL Server returns an error.

What is Full Text Search?

Full-text search refers to searching some text inside extensive text data stored electronically and returning results that contain some or all of the words from the query. In contrast, traditional search would return exact matches.

How do I install full text search in existing SQL Server?

Right click the SQL Server setup file and select “Run as Administrator…” to launch the installation center. The below popup window appears until the installation center is launched. Here is the installation center screen that will be used to install the full text search feature.

What will a full-text database allow you to do?

A full-text database is a compilation of documents or other information in the form of a database in which the complete text of each referenced document is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading. In addition to text documents, images are often included, such as graphs, maps, photos, and diagrams.

What happens when a full-text index is disabled?

The table will not support full-text queries while the index is disabled. Disabling a full-text index allows you to turn off change tracking but keep the full-text index, which you can reactivate at any time using ENABLE. When the full-text index is disabled, the full-text index metadata remains in the system tables.

How do I disable full text indexing in SQL Server?

A table is automatically disabled for full-text indexing when the last column is dropped from its full-text index. On a table that has a full-text index, you can manually disable or re-enable a table for full-text indexing using SQL Server Management Studio.

What is the action for full-text indexing?

… Initializes full-text indexing or removes all full-text catalogs from the current database. Is the action to be performed. action is varchar (20), and can be one of these values. Enables full-text indexing within the current database.

What is a full-text index population?

The process of creating and maintaining a full-text index is called a population(also known as a crawl). There are three types of full-text index population: Full population Population based on change tracking Incremental population based on a timestamp. For more info, see Populate Full-Text Indexes.