Who won World Best 2011?

Who won World Best 2011?

forward Lionel Messi
Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi has won the 2011 FIFA Ballon d’Or to claim the title of world player of the year for the third time in succession.

Who is the best footballer in 2011?

Gareth Bale Gareth Bale earned recognition as PFA Player of the Year for his performances with Tottenham last season in the Premier League. But it was the Champions League where he really dazzled.

Did Ronaldo deserve 2011 Ballon d Or?

Lionel Messi was a deserving winner of the 2011 Ballon d’Or, but in the grand scheme of things, Ronaldo made more decisive contributions that year, and for that reason, he should have been named the Ballon d’Or winner.

Who won the 2012 Ballon d Or?

Lionel MessiBallon d’OrAbby WambachWorld Player of the YearLionel MessiBallon d’OrMiroslav StochPuskás Award
2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or/Winners

Who was the most expensive player in 2011?

Most valuable players in 2011

  • 7 David Villa – FC Barcelona – €50M.
  • 6 Xavi – FC Barcelona – €50M.
  • 5 Cesc Fàbregas – Arsenal – €55M.
  • 4 Wayne Rooney – Manchester United – €55M.
  • 3 Andrés Iniesta – FC Barcelona – €65M.
  • 2 Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid – €90M.
  • 1 Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona – €100M.

Who won Ballon d’Or 2010?

Lionel MessiBallon d’OrMartaWorld Player of the YearLionel MessiBallon d’OrHamit AltıntopPuskás Award
2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or/Winners

What is the Ballon d’Or Dream Team?

The Ballon d’Or Dream Team is an all-time all-star team published by France Football on 14 December 2020 after conducting an internet poll of fans to select a football dream team starting from October 2020. The final team was selected by 140 France Football correspondents around the world.

How does the FIFA Ballon d’Or award work?

In the year 2009 the award was merged with the FIFA best player award and became the FIFA Ballon d’Or which could be won by any footballer in the world. The winner is known through a jury and selection process, national team coaches and captains and one specialist journalist can vote for the three nominees.

What happened to the FIFA Ballon d’Or?

Its awarding bodies subsequently ended their partnership; for 2016, France Football reintroduced the previous format of the Ballon d’Or, while FIFA created The Best FIFA Men’s Player award. FIFA President Sepp Blatter holds up the agreement creating the FIFA Ballon d’Or in Johannesburg in July 2010.

How many editions of the FIFA Ballon d’Or are there?

For historical purposes, both awarding bodies regard the six editions of the FIFA Ballon d’Or as a continuation of their respective awards. The winners of the FIFA Ballon d’Or were chosen by international journalists and the coaches and captains of the national teams under FIFA’s jurisdiction.