Who was Terry Pratchetts Favourite character?

Who was Terry Pratchetts Favourite character?

While speaking of dramatisations, Terry feels that Wintersmith would ‘make a damned good play too. ‘ Tiffany Aching is his favourite Discworld character, with Commander Vimes coming in as number two. And every town has a Nanny Ogg.

Who is the main character in Discworld?

DeathRincewindSam VimesTiffany AchingList of Discworld charactersThe Luggage

How many Discworld characters are there?

There are over 1100 individuals listed on this site. For more complete lists, please also follow links to Discworld characters, Category:Characters by book etc.

Is Rincewind the main character?

Rincewind is the main character of the text adventure The Colour of Magic, which was based on the book of the same name.

What age is Rincewind?


The Wizzard
Rincewind Illustrated by Michael Collins a.k.a. puggdogg
Race Human
Age Possibly born in 1932 UC, making him 32 in The Colour of Magic and 57 as of The Last Hero.
Occupation Wizzard, egregious professor of cruel and unusual geography

Are there any character biographies in the Discworld?

This list consists of human characters. For biographies of noted members of the Discworld’s “ethnic minorities” (dwarfs, trolls, undead, etc.), see the articles for those races. Some character biographies are also listed in articles relating to the organisations they belong to. For further Discworld character biographies, see the table below .

Who is the most iconically Terry Pratchett of all Discworld characters?

Rincewind is like the anti-Susan in terms of his competence level, but he’s the most iconically “Terry Pratchett” of all the Discworld characters.

What makes Sam Vimes the best Discworld character?

The strength and staying power of most Discworld characters is typically determined by their individuality or humor, but with Sam Vimes, the series finds true empathy and heart.

What is the theme of the Discworld series?

The Discworld novels contain common themes and motifs that run through the series. Fantasy clichés are parodied in many of the novels, as are various subgenres of fantasy, such as fairy tales (notably Witches Abroad), witch and vampire stories (Carpe Jugulum) and so on.