Who owns FTI transmission?

Who owns FTI transmission?

President Paul Lee
McLeod Racing’s President Paul Lee has acquired FTI Performance Converters, the performance driveline company formed in 1992. Through the acquisition, Lee will be working closely with FTI Performance founders Greg and Phaedra Samuel.

Are torque converters good?

A torque converter is a good bet for you if your driving includes a mix of different scenarios such as slow city crawls in traffic, long highway stints where you easily cruise at triple digit speeds, or a twisty road that requires you to go through the gears often — and all of that with the option of still returning a …

Does the torque converter spin in park?

It remains stationary when the transmission is in park or neutral; however it spins opposite to the engine rotation when hydraulic pressure (or wind) is provided.

What does lock-up mean in drag racing?

Lock-up torque converters are not a new concept, even to drag racing, but they’re making a comeback. In classes where racers have the necessary horsepower, lock-up converters are bridging the gap allowing race cars to leave the starting line soft with a converter but lock-up at the finish line like a clutch car would.

How does a racing torque converter work?

By definition, a torque converter functions by transferring power from the engine to the transmission and the rest of the car. As the torque converter spins, it multiplies the torque produced to move the vehicle with extra force. This is accomplished by the fluid dynamics produced inside the converter.

Why do torque converters give less miles?

A converter may fail internally. Internal failure will reduce mpg and affect vehicle performance. If the one-way torque converter clutch slips, then the vehicle will characteristically have very poor acceleration. Mpg will be significantly reduced since engine torque is not being multiplied during acceleration.

Which is better dual clutch or torque converter?

From an engineering standpoint, DCTs are just plainly the faster transmission, in a way that no TCs can match. That’s why, you still see DCTs in high-performance brands like Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren, because shift speeds are all-important in their quest to extract faster lap times and 0-100 km/h sprints.

When should a torque converter be locked?

Recently developed torque converters have had a “lockup” feature added to reduce this energy loss and improve mpg. This lockup feature will not engage until the vehicle reaches approximately 40 mph.