Who does Lissa date in Vampire Academy?

Who does Lissa date in Vampire Academy?

Christian Ozera
Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera are one of the two major romantic relationships in the Vampire Academy Series.

Does Lissa become queen in Vampire Academy?

Rose becomes shadow-kissed when Lissa brings her back to life after the car crash which killed her family. She is elected as the Moroi Queen following Tatiana’s murder.

Who plays Natalie in Vampire Academy?

Sarah HylandNatalie Dashkov / Played bySarah Jane Hyland is an American actress and singer. Born in Manhattan, she attended the Professional Performing Arts School before having small roles in the films Private Parts, Annie and Blind Date. Wikipedia

Who ends up with Rose Hathaway?

Dimitri Belikov
Rosemarie Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov are one of the major romantic couples of the Vampire Academy series. They are confronted with several barriers in their strong building romance, eventually becoming a couple at the end of Last Sacrifice. Into the Bloodlines Series they are seen to be going strong in their romance.

Who does Lissa Dragomir end up with?

During the events of Vampire Academy, she fell in love with Christian Ozera, another Moroi royal and the son of two Moroi turned Strigoi. They break up in Blood Promise after Lissa lies about kissing Aaron at a party, but officially get back together in Last Sacrifice.

How did Natalie become Strigoi?

At the end of Vampire Academy, Natalie’s father convinces her to turnStrigoi. Her victim to become Strigoi is the elderly Slavic arts teacher, Mr. Nagy.

Who does sydney end up with in Bloodlines?

At the end of The Indigo Spell, she admits to herself that she loves Adrian and they start dating. In The Fiery Heart, her sister Zoe finds out that her and Adrian are together and she gets sent to a re-education center. After escaping re-education in Silver Shadows, her and Adrian get married.

When is Lissa’s birthday in Vampire Academy?

In the ‘Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition’, released on November 29th 2016, it is revealed in a journal entry, made by Lissa, that her birthday is on July 10th.

Who are the actors in the Vampire Academy?

Ryan Prescott is an actor, known for Vampire Academy (2014), Coronation Street (1960) and Marchlands (2011). 20. Will Tudor William James Sibree Tudor was born on April 11 1987, in London to two doctors and comes from a medical family, at one time considering following in his parents’ foot-steps.

What kind of character is Lissa?

Lissa is very friendly, kind, and compassionate. She has a kind heart, usually tries to reach out, and will go out of her way to make others feel included. She hates to see others in pain, especially people she cares about, which is the primary reason she wants to continue using spirit, because she loves the fact that she can use it to help people.

Why does Lissa hate being around the Academy crowd?

Lissa is extremely skilled in social interactions, due in part to the natural charisma that spirit brings about but also due to her personality. She dislikes being a part of the Academy’s social crowd because it just involves too many head games and it tires her out.