Who does Cetera Advisors clear through?

Who does Cetera Advisors clear through?

Cetera, with which about 4,800 brokers are affiliated, said it will continue to use its current custodian for the accounts, Pershing LLC, to clear transactions related to the accounts and to serve as PrimeVest’s tax-reporting agent.

Does cetera clear through Pershing?

Our Custodian: Pershing and First Clearing Pershing custodies brokerage accounts for Cetera Advisor Networks, including brokerage accounts with IRAs, and provides related administrative services, including settlement of purchases, tax and account record keeping, monthly statements, confidentiality and data integration.

Is cetera self-clearing?

Founded in 1984, Cetera Investment Services is an experienced, self-clearing broker-dealer serving the clients of over 500 financial institutions, in all 50 states.

Is cetera a reputable company?

Cetera is great company that offers competitive salary and benefits. Offers flexibility, continuous learning and development, great work culture and job advancement opportunities.

Did VOYA change to cetera?

(NYSE: VOYA), announced today that it has completed the sale of Voya Financial Advisors’ (VFA) independent financial planning channel to Cetera Financial Group, Inc. (Cetera).

Who bought cetera?

RCS Capital Corporation purchased Cetera on April 29, 2014, along with other independent broker-dealer and investment advisors including: First Allied on September 25, 2013.; Investors Capital Holdings Ltd.

Is VOYA part of Cetera?

Cetera completes its acquisition of Voya’s financial planning channel, which will join the firm’s regional director model and be rebranded Cetera Wealth Partners.

What is Cetera Investment Services?

Cetera Investment Services is part of Cetera Financial Group (Cetera), a leading network of independent retail broker-dealers empowering the delivery of objective financial advice to individuals, families and company retirement plans across the country through trusted financial advisors and financial institutions.

What company does cetera use for clearing?

Cetera uses Pershing LLC for clearing solutions to deliver an efficient experience. Additionally, in 1991, Cetera Investment Services became the first broker-dealer in the institutional space to become self-clearing. How does Genstar Capital support Cetera?

How can I get help with an existing account with Cetera?

Get in touch to learn about the benefits of affiliating with Cetera and start taking the next steps to a stronger future. If you are a client of a Cetera-affiliated financial professional and need assistance with an existing account, please reach out to your financial professional directly.

Is cetera registered with the SEC?

Cetera Investment Services is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a broker-dealer and registered investment adviser. Cetera Investment Services is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).