Who are the judges in Broward county?

Who are the judges in Broward county?

Judiciary List and Category

Judge Judicial Assistant Phone Number
ALLEY LINDA A. Ashley Nortelus 954-831-0654
ALSPECTOR SUSAN L. Stacy McMenemy (954) 831-7566
AVALOS CATALINA Radhika Wildman (954) 831-7835
BAILEY TIM Sheena Bergeron (954) 831-7821

How many judges are in Broward county?

There are 58 Circuit Court judges, 33 County Court judges, and 11 General Magistrates, who provide auxiliary judicial functions to relieve the workload of the Civil Division.

Are Florida state judges elected or appointed?

Are all judges elected in Florida? No. Currently, most circuit court judges and county court judges are elected. If a circumstance arises where there is a mid-term vacancy — for example, if a judge retires, resigns or dies before the end of the judge’s term — the governor fills the position by appointment.

Are Florida state judges appointed for life?

The Florida Circuit Court judges are elected via nonpartisan elections. They serve six-year terms, after which they must run for re-election if they wish to retain their seat.

Who are the federal judges in Florida?

District Judges

  • Chief Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga.
  • Judge K. Michael Moore.
  • Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks.
  • Judge William P. Dimitrouleas.
  • Judge Jose E. Martinez.
  • Judge Marcia G. Cooke.
  • Judge Kathleen M. Williams.
  • Judge Robert N. Scola, Jr.

Do you have to be a lawyer to be a judge in Florida?

Twenty-eight states require all judges presiding over misdemeanor cases to be lawyers, including large states like California and Florida.

How many stories is the Broward County Courthouse?

Lauderdale’s judicial complex, the Broward County Courthouse is a 20-story, 730,000-square-foot expansion filled with state-of-the-art courtrooms and office spaces. It houses 74 different courtrooms serving all areas of the judiciary, from criminal and probate to juvenile delinquency and domestic relations.

How many federal judges are there in Florida?

United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida
Established July 30, 1962
Judges 15
Chief Judge Timothy J. Corrigan
Officers of the court

How much does a Broward County judge make?

Judges in Broward County are starving on paltry wages of $138,000 to $162,000. Somehow, they’re not commuting to the courtroom from the homeless shelter. Still, Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga wants to stop the madness and get these poor jurists a decent wage.

Do judges serve without salary?

Federal Judges Can’t Have Their Salary Reduced Congress sets the salary of judges in the federal system. This salary can be raised but cannot be decreased once the judge has taken office.

What District Court is Broward county?

Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

How much does a Florida county judge make?

This year’s Senate sprinkle list includes a line item that would increase pay for circuit court judges from $160,688 to $182,060. It would also increase county judge salaries from $151,822 to $172,015. That amounts to an increase of about 13% over the current salary.

What are eviction laws in Broward County FL?

To evict a tenant in Florida, a landlord must follow the procedure governed by Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes. Failure to follow the proper procedure could lead to an eviction suit being dismissed, or result in the tenant being awarded fees and costs or even damages. Common grounds to terminate a tenancy are when a tenant fails to pay rent, violates the rental agreement, or violates local, state, or federal law.

What is the Ninth Circuit decision?

This week the Ninth Circuit ruled on a case concerning whether a physician may administer psilocybin without incurring liability under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) in light of the Right to Try Act (“RTT ACT”), 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-0a. Unfortunately, the Ninth Circuit kicked the question.

What is Broward County pretrial services?

What is Broward County pretrial services? The Pretrial Services Division is designed to divert criminal defendants from pretrial incarceration . It provides complete, accurate and non-adversarial information to the judges of the 17th Judicial Circuit to improve the release/detention decision process in compliance with Florida Statutes and the

What is the 12th Judicial Circuit in Florida?

12 th Judicial Circuit Court Divisions. The following are Court Divisions set forth in the Local Rules for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court. Civil Division. Florida Circuit Civil Courts have jurisdiction in all civil actions exceeding $30,000 and also hear appeals from the County Courts.