Which James Bond movie made the most money?

Which James Bond movie made the most money?

1 Skyfall (2012) The only James Bond film to cross the billion-dollar mark, Skyfall became the third movie of 2012 to achieve the feat, as noted by Hollywood Reporter.

What is the top grossing James Bond film to date?

Franchise: James Bond

Rank Release Lifetime Gross
1 Skyfall $304,360,277
2 Spectre $200,074,609
3 Quantum of Solace $168,368,427
4 Casino Royale $167,445,960

How much have the Bond Films made?

$7 billion
With a combined gross of over $7 billion to date, the films produced by Eon constitute the fifth-highest-grossing film series.

Has any Bond movie lost money?

As a result, the film now stands to lose $100 million in its theatrical run, according to sources close to production. Other industry sources suggest the losses wouldn’t quite reach the nine-figure mark though they would still be substantial.

How much did Roger Moore get paid for James Bond?

Then, he upped his salary and earned $4 million for Moonraker, $4.6 for For Your Eyes Only, and $5.2 for Octopussy. In his final instalment as Bond, Moore took home an impressive $7.5 for A View to a Kill. This brings his total earnings up to an incredible $24.3 million.

How much did Pierce Brosnan make for James Bond?

What was Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond Salary? Pierce earned $4 million for 1995’s Goldeneye. That’s the same as around $7 million today after adjusting for inflation. He then earned $8.2 million for Tomorrow Never Dies, $12.4 million for The World Is Not Enough and $16.5 million for Die Another Day.

What was Kirk Douglas’s net worth when he passed away?

Kirk Douglas was an American actor, producer, author and philanthropist who had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death. Kirk’s fortune would have been much higher, but about a decade before his death he chose to give away tens of millions of dollars through The Douglas Foundation.

How much money has the James Bond movies made?

This is the biggest international total for the franchise and it is very close to topping the worldwide total of all of the pre- Daniel Craig Bond films. Worldwide, the film has $520.19 million and is on pace to add at least $200 million more, likely $300 million to its worldwide total before it is done.

Will Spectre be the highest grossing James Bond film ever?

Spectre will see its worldwide release on November 6th, 2015, where analysts are predicting it will outpace Skyfall to become the highest grossing James Bond film of all time. Skyfall had a fantastic opening weekend of over $77 million, helped by the fact that it was the first ever James Bond film to be released in IMAX.

How much did the James Bond franchise make during Sean Connery’s time?

During Connery’s time as Bond, the franchise averaged around $100 million at the global box office. At that time, tickets to the cinema were less than $2 and a James Bond film was released annually.