Which is the best GK book for competitive exams?

Which is the best GK book for competitive exams?

The List of Best GK Books For Competitive Exams

  • General Study 14,000+ Objective (Buy Online)
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge.
  • R.S. Aggarwal’s S.
  • Disha Experts’ Rapid General Knowledge 2020 for Competitive Exams.
  • Arihant Experts’ General Knowledge (Buy Online)
  • The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual (Buy Online)

How can I prepare for competitive exam?

Here are 7 methods for how to Prepare for Competitive Exam without Coaching-

  1. Understand the Syllabus.
  2. Prepare an Effective Daily-Study Schedule.
  3. Fix Weekly Targets and Achieve Them.
  4. Be Positive & Confident.
  5. Refer to Standard Study Material.
  6. Take Proper Rest & Sleep.
  7. Revise, Revise & Revise.

What book should I read for general knowledge?

The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual 2020 This book for General Knowledge has been a popular book for the past 15 years. It is popular among the candidates appearing for various government and private competitive exams who want to score well in GK.

How can I improve my maths in competitive exams?

How to prepare for Maths in competitive exams

  1. Memorize tables and squares up to 30, cubes up to 20 and prime numbers up to 200.
  2. Remember percentage related fractions up to 1/20 (example. ¼ = 25%)
  3. Remember important trigonometric formulas, Pythagorean triplets etc. to solve oral calculations so as to save time.

How can I clear my government exam?

10 Genius Tips To Crack Government Job Exams In 2019

  1. Know The Syllabus & Exam Pattern.
  2. Get Study Material From Different Sources.
  3. Plan Time Management For Preparation.
  4. Conceptual Clearance Is The Key.
  5. Get Library Membership & Study.
  6. Make Notes Of Everything You Study.
  7. Keep Track Of Happenings In The World.

How many competitive exams are there?

There are more than 30 competitive exams for government jobs.

Which app is best for General knowledge?

Best general knowledge apps for android

  • TED.
  • WolframAlpha.
  • GK Quiz.
  • Drona.
  • Khan Academy.
  • Udemy Online Courses.

How can I increase my knowledge?

What else might you do to gain knowledge?

  1. Read. The essential way to learn about anything is by reading quality literature: books, articles, and blogs.
  2. Listen.
  3. Watch.
  4. Use Microlearning.
  5. Follow the “one thing a day” rule.
  6. Socialize.
  7. Explain things to others.
  8. Рlan out your learning journey.

How can I improve my vocabulary and general knowledge?

Ways to Improve General Knowledge

  1. Watching TV. Surely you watch TV for a few hours daily.
  2. Listen to the Radio. Listening to the radio is a habit that is dying fast.
  3. Read Newspapers & Magazines.
  4. General Knowledge Websites.
  5. GK Apps.
  6. General Knowledge Books.
  7. Attend Quiz Contests.
  8. Participate in Quiz Contests.