Which browser has the most users?

Which browser has the most users?

Google’s Chrome
As of May 2022, Google’s Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world with a global market share of 64.91 percent. In other words, more than six in ten people use Chrome to browse the internet. Apple’s Safari is in second place with 19.03 percent, 45.88 percentage points behind.

What percentage of visitors use the Chrome browser?

Browser Market Share Statistics Google Chrome owns over 67% market share of worldwide mobile browser traffic. By the middle of June 2019, Chrome had been installed by over 5 million mobile internet users.

Is StatCounter a reliable source?

StatCounter is reliable and accurate. StatCounter has always been easy to use. StatCounter maintains your statistics for many, many years compared to many web services that restrict how far you can go back.

What percentage uses Firefox?

Browsers Percentage Market Share
Browser Market Share Worldwide – May 2022
Safari 19.01%
Edge 3.99%
Firefox 3.26%

What percentage of users use Firefox?

Period: May 2021 – May 2022 (edit) Stat: Browser (Desktop & M……

Browsers Percentage Market Share
Browser Market Share Worldwide – May 2022
Firefox 3.26%
Samsung Internet 2.85%
Opera 2.11%

Why is Chrome the most used browser?

Chrome surpassed all the other browsers at the time thanks to its lean design and low hardware footprint, which was a breath of fresh air at the time. However, that has changed over the past few years, with alternatives like Microsoft Edge and Firefox consuming far less RAM and CPU resources than Chrome.

Is GS StatCounter accurate?

What is StatCounter used for?

StatCounter is a web traffic analysis website started in 1999. Access to basic services is free to use and advanced services can cost between US$5 and US$119 a month. StatCounter is based in Dublin, Ireland. The statistics from StatCounter are used to compute web usage share for example.

What is a browser user agent?

Each browser has its own, distinctive user agent. Essentially, a user agent is a way for a browser to say “Hi, I’m Mozilla Firefox on Windows” or “Hi, I’m Safari on an iPhone” to a web server. The web server can use this information to serve different web pages to different web browsers and different operating systems.

How many people use internet browsers?

In 2021, there were an estimated 3.2 billion internet users worldwide using Chrome as their main browser. Whereas the second most popular internet browser worldwide was Safari with a little over 576 million users, highlighting the drastic difference between the number of internet users for Chrome and Safari.

How does the user agent parser and database of user agents work?

Both the user agent parser and database of user agents are powered by the millions of user agents collected from whatismybrowser.com and the API. You can browse the organised collection of them below, search the collection via the API, you can parse a specific user agent here.

What is the market share of browsers in the US?

Browsers Percentage Market Share Chrome 65.27% Safari 18.34% Edge 3.4%