Where is the area code 599?

Where is the area code 599?

Communication of 28. VII. 2006:

Curaçao (area code 9) +599 9 NXX XXXX (N  4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
St. Maarten +599 5XX XXXX
Saba +599 4XX XXXX
St. Eustatius +599 3XX XXXX
Non-geographic +599 1XX XXXX +599 6XX XXXX

What is area code for Curacao?

+599Curaçao / Dialing code

Which country uses 550?

International mobile dial codes

Country/U.S. Territories Country code Mobile dial codes (effective 8/2/2019)
New Caledonia 687 50-54, 7-9
New Zealand 64 20-22, 24-25, 27-29
Nicaragua 505 550-556, 57-58, 75-82, 81-82, 832-833, 835-899
Niger 227 80, 89-99

What are the area codes in New Zealand?

+64New Zealand / Dialing code

What code is 559 in USA?

Fresno, California
Fresno, California is in the 559 area code in Fresno County, California.

What country code is 559?

The 559 area code serves the Central California counties of Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare.

Where is Curaçao located?

South AmericaCuraçao / Continent
The island is situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea, about 70 km (44 miles) off the coast of Venezuela, with neighboring islands Aruba and Bonaire. The island’s total area is 444 square km (171 square miles). It is generally flat with a small hilly area in the western part.

What is the currency of Curaçao?

Netherlands Antillean guilderCuraçao / Currency

Which country uses 996?

Kyrgyzstan Country
Kyrgyzstan Country Code 996 – Worldometer.

What are 09 numbers in NZ?

The following area codes are used in New Zealand: Auckland- 9. Christchurch – 3. Dunedin – 3. Hamilton – 7.

Where is 559 from?

What cities are in 559 area code?

Service. The 559 area code serves the Central California counties of Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare. The major cities within the 559 area code region are Fresno, Coalinga, Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Reedley, Dinuba, Selma, Tulare, Visalia, Hanford, Lemoore, Porterville, Avenal, and Kingsburg.

Where is area 559?

When did 559 area code start?

November 14, 1998
Area code 559 is a California telephone area code that was split from area code 209 on November 14, 1998.

Is Curaçao in the EU?

Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten are classified as “countries” under Dutch law, and have considerable internal autonomy. In June 2008, the Dutch government published a report on the projected effect on the islands were they to join the EU as outermost regions.