Where is Derkeethus after rescue?

Where is Derkeethus after rescue?

Darkwater Crossing
Extracting an Argonian One will discover Darkwater Pass if the Dragonborn travels to the spot mentioned. After freeing him, he can be recruited as a follower. If not, Derkeethus will eventually return to Darkwater Crossing.

How do you get Derkeethus out?

Although there is still more of Darkwater Pass to explore, the easiest way to get Derkeethus out is to head straight back the way you came – particularly as the Argonian is one of many followers who will not crouch into a sneaking stance when you do, and there are some nasty traps and Falmer further up the cave.

Where does Derkeethus go?


Derkeethus (RefID: 0001B08D)
Location Darkwater Pass; relocates to Darkwater Crossing after his related quest
Race Argonian Male
Level PCĂ—1 (range=6-30) Ranger
RefID 0001B08D 0001403E

Where does Darkwater Pass go?

A Darkwater Pit key is placed on top of a burial urn inside the cell. The pool outside the western entrance contains a skeleton with low level armor, including iron boots. It is easy to find but difficult to search due to the strong current.

Why can I get Derkeethus out of the cave?

If you are on the PC, then you can use the console to free him: A workaround for this problem is to use the console and type: ‘setstage 76b4a 200’ This will complete the quest. Then type ‘player. placeatme 0001403E’ while in Darkwater Crossing, which will spawn Derkeethus.

How do you get to the guy in Darkwater Pass?

Derkeethus, possibly captured by the Falmer, is discovered trapped beneath a grating. In a small crevice in the northeastern wall nearby there is a lever that opens a hidden door, allowing access to him. A Darkwater Pit key is placed on top of a burial urn inside the cell.

What’s in Snapleg cave?

It is a small cave, housing several witches and hags. It features a cooking pot, an alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter. Several spiders and a giant one also dwell inside the cave, protecting the witches. Towards the “end” of the cave, there is a hagraven and several random loot chests.

How do you spawn Derkeethus in Skyrim?

placeatme 0001403E’ while in Darkwater Crossing, which will spawn Derkeethus. This will leave the original (and bugged) Derkeethus still in the cave, and it is recommended to leave this NPC alone to avoid further glitches.

Can Derkeethus be a steward?

Apparently, he has spoken lines in-game for Steward dialogue, so if one were to use Console Commands he could have become a steward…But sadly, that is not the case for us Xbox and PS3 users.

How do you open the trap door in Darkwater Pass?

To the left of the doorway to the west is a burial urn. To reach Derkeethus, pull the lever to open the hidden door, behind which you will find a wooden spiral staircase; at the bottom are an unlocked wooden chest and a short corridor leading to a locked gate with a small circular room beyond.

Can Snapleg Cave be cleared?

Since the spriggan walks slowly back to Snapleg Cave, it is possible for the Dragonborn to run ahead and clear the cave again before the spriggan arrives.

Where does darkwater pass go?

Why is derkeethus not returning to normal Skyrim?

Bugs Derkeethus’ essential status does not change to normal after his quest. This bug is fixed by version 1.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Derkeethus may occasionally follow you to the door of the cave but refuse to exit. Reloading older save points may not fix this issue.

Is it possible to download derkeethus?

DERKEETHUS IMPROVED 2.1 IS NOW DOWNLOADABLE. NEWEST VERSION FIXES THE GLITCHED FACE BUG, SORRY EVERYONE FOR THE LONG DELAY ON THE FIX! Derkeethus is the only argonian follower in all of skyrim yet for some reason bethesda did not put much effort into making him original or any use to you while in combat.

How do you marry derkeethus in Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide. Derkeethus. Derkeethus is a male Argonian that’s trapped inside a cell in Darkwater Pass. You must release him by pulling a lever above his cell. Follow the passage to him and lead him out of the cave. Derkeethus is one of the NPCs in Skyrim which you can marry.

What is the derkeethus mod?

This mod aims to improve the only argonian follower: Derkeethus as well as fix the bugs related to him. DERKEETHUS IMPROVED 2.1 IS NOW DOWNLOADABLE.