Where are the biggest elk in Montana?

Where are the biggest elk in Montana?

In 2016 Stephan F. Felix shot the new Montana record elk, scoring an impressive 430 points, while archery hunting on public land in Powder River County….Elk

  • scored 442 5/8ths, and No.
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  • were both taken before 1900 — all with rifles.

What did the biggest elk score?

Nearly 30 years later, Ellsworth must have felt similar pride in owning the antlers and putting a conclusion on a great story: a new world’s record scoring 442-5/8 points.

What is the biggest deer killed in Montana?

Greatest Weights (in pounds) for Montana Big Game

Species Whole Dressed
American Elk 1,010 810
Deer, Mule 453 340
Deer, Whitetailed 375 275
Shiras “Wyoming” Moose 1,117 840

What state holds the world record elk?

The Roosevelt The state that has produced the most record Roosevelt elk (unsurprisingly) is Oregon.

Where are the largest elk in the United States?

Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country at almost 280,000.

Where are the biggest mule deer in MT?

The Bitterroot Valley has long been known as the best place to take a trophy buck, and it is no secret as the draw odds have been horrible for units 261, 262, and 270.

What is the record bull elk for Montana?

Boone & Crockett

Species Montana Score Record
BIGHORN SHEEP 175 208 3/8
BISON 110 136 4/8
BLACK BEAR 19 23 10/16

How many elk are in a square mile in Montana?

00169 Booner elk per square mile. They have a total of 246 entries. If you love adventure, beautiful scenery and elk hunting, Montana is the place for you.

What is the world record for elk hunting in Montana?

The bull elk killed Sept. 10 by Montana bowhunter Steve Felix on public land in Powder River County was scored a 430 by the Boone and Crockett Club and Pope & Young Club, the groups that have been keeping world hunting records since the 19th century.

How big is the biggest elk taken with a rifle?

The elk’s official entry score was confirmed at an astounding 430 inches. In comparison, the current B&C world record taken with a rifle scores 442-5/8 inches. The bull was taken back in September by Steve Felix, who is a resident of Montana and shot the elk while on a solo bowhunt early in the Montana archery season.

What is the world record for elk archery?

This will take place just prior to Pope and Young Club’s Biennial Convention and Big Game Awards Ceremony April 5-8, 2017, in St. Louis, Missouri, where this exceptional animal will be displayed and honored. This big Montana bull will hurdle over the current archery world record elk, which scored 412-1/8 inches, and was taken in Arizona in 2005.