Where are the best seats in 3Arena?

Where are the best seats in 3Arena?

The best seats in the house are in the central column of the first row of tiered seating. The worst seats in the house—at the back of the top tier—are nearly 200 feet from the main stage, which is either not a problem or “I might as well watch this on TV,” depending on your eyesight.

Is 3Arena Dublin size?

The capacity for a fully standing show is 13,000 and for fully seated it is 9,000.

What was the 3Arena in Dublin called?

Formerly Known as “Point Theatre” This is because the 3Arena was formerly known as “The Point Depot” – a train depot used to transport goods from Dublin port up until the 1980s. By the end of the ’80s, it had become disused and was then redeveloped as a music venue, which opened in 1988.

Who built the 3Arena?

The 3Arena (originally The O2) is an indoor amphitheatre located at North Wall Quay in the Dublin Docklands in Dublin, Ireland. The venue opened as The O2 on 16 December 2008….3Arena.

Capacity 13,000
Opened 16 December 2008
Construction cost €80 million
Architect HOK Sport

Is 3Arena all seating?

13,0003Arena / Capacity

Can you vape in the 3Arena?

I was surprised to be honest as most venues do not allow their use . I suggest you ring and enquire and avoid a possible situation. over a year ago. Don’t think so but if you’re standing it wouldn’t be an issue, have used one myself.

Who owns Vicar Street?

Harry Crosbie
Vicar St has a seated capacity of 1050 and a standing capacity of 1500. Opened in 1998 and Extended in 2002. Vicar St is owned by Harry Crosbie and operated by Peter Aiken.

Who built the Point Depot?

But the 41-year-old Dubliner was as good was his word and after pumping £4m into the project, the renamed Point Depot opened for business in November of that year. Huey Lewis and the News was its first headliner.

How many can 3Arena hold?

Do concerts start when doors open?

Typically, the time that is listed on your ticket will be when the venue doors open — not when the music actually starts. Venues often list the door time instead of the music time because to them, the concert starts when the doors open.

Is Vicar Street standing?

The Venue. Vicar St has a seated capacity of 1050 and a standing capacity of 1500.

Who owns the Ball Arena?

Stan KroenkeKroenke Sports & Entertainm…
Ball Arena/Owners

Why is Ball Arena called Ball Arena?

Since opening as the Pepsi Center on October 1, 1999 with a sold-out performance by Celine Dion, the arena has hosted a wide variety of events including hockey and basketball games, musical acts, and family events. In 2020, Ball Corporation acquired the naming rights and renamed the venue Ball Arena.

Can you vape 3Arena?

When did the 3 Arena in Dublin open?

The entrance to the 3 Arena,Dublin,Ireland. opened originally in 2008 as The Point Depot and renamed after its sponsor in 2014. The entrance to the 3 Arena,Dublin,Ireland.

How many seats does the 3 Arena have?

It is a 14,000 seat amphitheatre. It was built on the site of the old Point Theatre, which was a smaller music venue, however the 3 Arena has retained some of the outer façade.

Is Block N in 3Arena a good place to sit?

Hi Miriam, Block N is upper tier and Row 48 will be pretty near the top/back (top row in that tier is 52). That said, the layout of the 3Arena means that everyone gets a pretty decent view and you’ll be sat at a decent angle. Apart from the height (which shouldn’t be vertigo-inducing btw) the seats will be fine.