What wood can be used for stair treads?

What wood can be used for stair treads?

What Wood Is Best for Stair Treads?

  • Oak Stair Treads. Oak is a common type of wood for stair treads.
  • Hickory Stair Treads. Hickory is another common choice for wood stair treads.
  • Maple Stair Treads. Maple’s tan and white hues make it a popular choice for a range of wood products.
  • Poplar Stair Treads.
  • Walnut Stair Treads.

Can you put wood veneer on stairs?

Veneer can drastically alter the appearance of any kitchen, dinning room, or just about any other room in your home. Wood veneer can also be used for refacing stair risers but cannot be used on the surface of a stair tread.

Can wood flooring be used as stair treads?

Both customers asked whether or not they could use their hardwood flooring on their stairway as treads, which is a question we are commonly asked. The short answer to this is yes you can.

Can I use pine boards for stair treads?

Is Pine OK for stair treads? Yes. While Pine is softer than Oak and other hardwoods, Pine is nevertheless one of the best woods for stair treads. Pine hardwood floors and stair treads have incredible longevity – you’ll find many homes with Pine floors that are centuries old.

What is Starecasing?

WHAT IS STARECASING? The StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlay System gives the look of hardwood stairs, without the high price tag. In a matter of hours, you can convert carpeted stairs to hardwood and transform your home with a new look that won’t cost a fortune – it will just look like it did. No veneers.

Can Plywood be used for stair treads?

While ¾” thick plywood or OSB is considered sufficiently thick for subfloors, it is not uncommon to use a thicker material for the stair treads. One inch of total plywood thickness is ideal and can be made from two layers of ½” plywood, bonded together.

Can I use plywood for stair treads?

What is hardwood overlay?

Overlay flooring is thinner than normal flooring usually from 12 – 15mm and can be laid over a solid substrate, such as particleboard, plywood and even concrete. Often overlay flooring can be supplied pre-finished allowing for a clean and fast installation. Other species are available upon request.

What is a stair tread?

What is a Stair Tread? When you think of stairs, treads are likely one of the first things that come to mind. As the piece that you step on when you ascend a staircase, stair treads are responsible for getting you from one floor to the next.

Are stair treads made of hardwood lumber as good as solid wood?

Many consumers are under false assumptions that a tread made from 3-8 pieces of hardwood lumber is not as good as a stair tread made of one solid piece of lumber. This is very, very far from the truth.

Why don’t you make one piece stair treads?

A stair tread made from only 1-2 pcs. of hardwood lumber has very little strength and/or structural integrity against cupping or warping and therefore fails to meet industry standards. Thus, we will not stock one piece stair treads and we do not manufacture them!

Can I remodel my stairs from carpet to wood stair treads?

Remodeling your stairs from carpet to wood stair treads? At Lowe’s, we make it easy to transform your old, worn stairs for a brand-new look. Whether you want solid wood treads, like red oak stair treads or maple stair treads, or you’re looking for a maintenance-free option like vinyl stair treads or laminate stair treads, we can help.